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Man, the Male Leadership Role as Directed by God - Part 16

Updated on October 18, 2014

Now, before we move on to the concluding pages, let’s look at a blessing and a message from God regarding male and female and the effect of their obedience.

In Deuteronomy 7:14, Moses is telling the Israelites that if they will obey God, they will be blessed in every facet of their existence. They will not be "barren" (aqar - 6135). For our study, we find here that God promises offspring, not only to the "male and female" of mankind, but to their cattle as well.

And, it would seem, for every promise of God based on man’s faith in Him in the O.T., there is an extension of the promise to the NT believers on an even grander scale. Note here and compare Deuteronomy 7:14 and 2 Peter 1:8. Can there be any doubt that God is addressing man’s faith in His word? God has always saved by grace through faith alone, Joel 2:32 and Romans 10:13.

And, yet, this issue seems to cause so much confusion regarding the about works and faith. They are not the same. Works (proper ones) has always been the way of pleasing God. Faith has always been the way of salvation. Works begin after salvation. How true are the words of James 2:17-22.

Note the word for female used here in Deuteronomy 7:14, again as with several words for male, is a compound word. In Hebrew, it would be "or female barren." But as explained above regarding "man," and with many words in the Bible, the word is compound. Here it is directed at the effect that being "sterile" not at the gender. And the word used here "aqar" is a compound word "or female barren" (6135). Note, "male" used here, is part of the blessing and is the same "aqar" but is a separate word from the female. However, the word sterile is, by context, applied to both the male and the female, yet at the same time neither "male" nor "female" defines gender, but the state of sterility.

As sidelight, let’s look at this word "barren" with regard to mankind as used here. It does not mean someone without children, but someone incapable of having children. It means "sterile," without the physical ability of having children, possibly not having a "womb," as opposed to having the ability but just never conceiving.

The word has been used in several very important applications in the Bible: Sarai/Sarah (wife of Abram/Abraham), Genesis 11:30; Rebekah (with of Isaac), Genesis 25:21; Rachel (wife of Jacob), Genesis 29:31. The importance of the word is that God did not "open" the womb of these women as the word might imply today. Note the mother of Samuel, Hannah. Her womb was "shut up" (cagar - 5462), another word entirely, meaning God had closed off conception but the facility was there. But the wives of the patriarchs were not "shut up" as a door might be, they were "brick walls" without doors. The births of their children are miracles.


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