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Man, the Male Leadership Role as Directed by God - Part 18

Updated on November 20, 2014

So let’s take a look at the two, the man and the woman. And this causes problems. It seems “man” (mankind) as majority determines that “man” (literal) always means “man” (gender) when reading scripture. However, this is “man’s” (mankind) greatest error regarding this subject. Women (gender) are of equal value in the plan of God.

Man (male) cannot do what woman (female) can do, that is continue the existence of man (mankind) without the woman (female). But woman (gender) cannot continue to exist without man (gender).

The whiplash effect of the modern feminist (mankind) movement has done a disservice to women (female). Though their premise(s) may have had some validity, their work has done little more than separate the genders on levels of importance.

And, greater still, the feminist movement goes against what God has set in order.

So (more definitions), let’s take a look at the meanings of these various terms, maybe not in total but enough to cause personal study and understanding. We’ll rely mostly on the New Testament (Greek) definitions since the Church today is the New Testament Church.

We’ll address male/man and female/woman, doing the “male” and “female” first as these words are the least used in the NT and their can be no misunderstanding as to whom God is speaking of in any of the “7” citations.

“Male” is used 4 times. The word is always defined the same way, “arsen” (730), male.

“Female” is used 3 times. The word is always defined the same way, “thelus” (2338), female.

No matter how we look at these two words, there is no way to see them as anything else but male and female by definition and common parlance. The only way to possibly give them a different meaning is to purposefully intend to deceive by developing a “new” understanding of the words.

We move on to “man” and “woman.” At times we will find the words must be looked at in their context to insure proper definition, but we will find that man equals male and woman equals female.

“Man,” as found in the New Testament, appears 869 times. There are 54 variable uses of the word as well as 47 added (9999) words for continuity of the subject at hand. (We look at the singular in our study. In so doing, the plural is well represented.)

Many citations of the Greek word “man,” like the Hebrew, are “adjective” or compound words which are used for describing the type of person or the situation and not the gender, i.e. good man, bad man.

We have definitions such as the paralytic of Matthew 9:2 where the word man is not a gender but a “case study,” the emphasis or subject being the illness. And there are several of these uses which are applicable to both male and female.

The majority of the citing’s for “man” are the Greek word “anthropos” (444) which is used to define mankind as opposed to deity or other creatures. It has a connotation of both male and female and does apply in that fashion. “Anthropos” is a compound word combining “aner” (445) definitive of a “male” and “optanomai” (3700), that which is seen. In common parlance, it might say “that creature looks like a man.” The mental picture brings the male in sight, but the meaning defines both male and female.

As we look at “woman,” we find it is used 106 times, again, as with the O.T., the frequent use of the man as opposed to woman, seems to indicate the responsibility ethic of man is much greater. The word “gune” (1132), meaning woman/wife is applied to 97 of these citings. Of the other 9, 3 are “houtos” (3778) definitely defining a woman, 5 others are varied terms which point to the subject being a woman, and one is a “9999" word. In none of these cases could we imply “mankind” and thereby, say “God did not specify the gender here.”

Now we come to the conclusion of the above definitions. God has defined the terms male/man and female/woman. God has given male the leadership with proper authority to carry through his responsibilities. But the male, from the very beginning of time has tried to shirk responsibility by shifting blame to others where the job did not get done according to God’s plan, Genesis 3:11-12.

However, God was not moved. The directive of Genesis 3:16 was pronounced and never changed. And this directive is still adhered to in the NT.

The New Testament does not change the meaning of the words for man and woman nor does it change in the application of or by the “new leadership” of the Church.

The strictness of the Greek has left no room for the libertine to attack these two words, male and female. We will find in the new versions in print today, these words are unchanged. It is their meanings that are changed to meet new standards and life styles. Sometimes the change is, as much to say, “just because we can.” This last is helpful in causing confusion since there would be no logical reasoning presented, but it would take time and effort on the part of people to define this, and people just don’t take the time.

Note that the first time the word male or female is used in the Bible is in Genesis 1:27. They are both uniquely identified and they are uniquely separate.

Note the last time the word male or female is used in the Bible is in Galatians 3:28. They are both uniquely identified, but are uniquely united as believers.

Note in both verses, male and female are present. From “beginning to end,” God has kept them separate in gender and purpose, yet together in equality and necessity.


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