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Man, the Male Leadership Role as Directed by God - Part 7

Updated on July 28, 2014

Okay, let’s finish up this portion of our writing regarding “perfection” and move on to a couple of sidebars about improper leaders or leadership.

There is nothing contained in the Bible that may properly be called error. And even though some will continue to find “errors” or “exceptions” in the Bible, the problem will always be their misunderstanding or misinterpreting of God’s words. And, for them, the pity of it all for them is their workings and inventions cannot not change the ultimate ending. Now back to consideration of our couple in the Garden.

How could Adam and Eve sin if they were perfect? That is a long, on-going theological debate. Our position is, simply put, they were not perfection in the purest form as we might define it. They were made in the image of God as we indicated earlier, but had the “perfection of Job.” We covered both of these subjects in previous parts of this Hub.

Mankind is not much different today from Adam and Eve. Though time and poor decisions have affected our genetics physically, we will eventually develop to a mental status where we are accountable to God. We will “evolve” to creatures that have the ability and responsibility to think and chose. We will develop a mature propensity to do right or wrong.

Once we reach an age of accountability, what ever that might be, we will have the choice to do right or wrong. In retrospect, absent any outside influence, as the serpent in the Garden, we of today still have the “perfection” of Adam and Eve at birth. But, eventually the world dangles a forbidden bauble in front of us, and it will, and we will accept. That is when we fall also. Like Adam and Eve, we will all eventually fail.

When we look at the words of God in Genesis 2:17, we can see that man was destined to fail:

. . . for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

“. . . in the day that . . .” is one word in Hebrew. It does not mean “it might not happen” but “in the process of time” or, as I see it, it is not “if it happens” but “when it happens.” The Hebrew word “yowm” is the four (4) word phrase used here and relates to time in all facets.

In time, the two did fall, but the plan of God was unaltered. Try as we might to understand this plan and purpose, we cannot. What we can say is God has never made robots. All of mankind are free to chose.

Even the angels who are somewhere between God and man in the scheme of things, Hebrews 2:7, are free to choose, and some, including Lucifer, chose wrong, Isaiah 14:12-15; 2 Peter 2:4. Lucifer seems to have been the ring leader in a revolt. (Maybe we should cover this in a future paper.) Angels followed him, Matthew 25:41; Revelation 12:7. They lost and will loose the battles.

However, our subject is “leadership” not perfection.

God’s plan for the ages is in His Word, the Bible. As we look at the Bible as history, we find two immutable facts; God’s mysterious plan was unaltered and men were always in the leadership role. In the past, God’s prophets told the people what was going to happen, and then those things which are a part of history, and necessary for the time, took place. God did it as He said He would.

God is not to be compared to a psychic or gypsy, or even the famous Nostradamus. These folks are close at times but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. God is always right on and right on time.

And God identifies false prophets 1) those that speak by divination, i.e., the occult and 2) those that falsely speak for God, Deuteronomy 18:10-20. These verses also give God’s judgment of them.

We are fraught today with a number of false prophets, religions and belief systems. In the past these same type of folks have made some specific declarations only to have them come to nothing on the date specified. Yet, that has not stopped mankind from going his own way and repeating his folly.

And, in close examination, we will find the worst of these heresies are under the direction of a woman. Though they may be in the forefront directing this new “enlightenment” many times they are in the background, controlling the man who, though he thinks he is the power, is only a front or puppet for this new assault on God. History is our witness.

Again, we are not demeaning the intelligence of the female. We are saying that God has set a standard which is for all ages. Mankind has tried to change the benchmark, but the future is sure.

As to things of the future, God’s works have given us many “foreshadows.” Foreshadows are situations of lesser degree than the final action, affecting a small group of people in the same manner as the final action will affect the whole. His prophets gave voice to these. We could look at Israel through the ages as an example.

The Jews have suffered again and again, in various ways, but in localized situations. God would say to them do this and they would for a while. When they got off track, there was punishment. Then they would repent and come back and start the cycle again.

The Jew, by the way, is the empirical evidence of God, His ability and His plan.

And the Jew is our example, our thought process when dealing with the things of God, our focus to bring us to Christ.

Our Bible is made of and complete in New Testament and the Old Testament. The Old Testament, the Hebrew/Jewish Bible if you will, is commonly divided into three parts, the writings, the Law and the prophets. However, a common over all Hebrew term for all of the Old Testament is “the Law.”

The New Testament tells us directly that we should learn from the Old Testament, Galatians 3:24. It is our text book and foundation for belief. And the Law is the story of the Jew. Therefore, we conclude and repeat,

“The Jew is the empirical evidence of God, His ability and His plan.”

But some will say that the Bible has said things that did not happen. From this believers perspective, based on what the Bible does say, those things which have not as yet taken place . . . will.

Now, as we get to the meat of this study, leadership, we could go through the Bible and point out a number situations where God placed the man in a position of responsibility. At the same time we would find more than one occasion, where women were involved in God’s plan as catalysts. They accomplished their mission in motivating or reminding the fearful or indolent man that he had a job to do. Those of note were Deborah, Huldah, Zipporah and we could even consider Esther.

But let’s not confuse these women with those who overstepped their boundaries, women such as Athaliah and Jezebel. Though these last held high places of authority, it was done by usurpation or position or brow-beating a weak husband. They were not where they should have been by God’s plan. And for their actions, they died horribly.

In neither of these two cases, nor any other Biblical account, was the woman directed by God to take the leadership. God placed the male in the leadership role. And “Eve” was a help-meet, Genesis 2:20. One could say, in a more poetic manner, Eve completed Adam.

Regarding God’s plan of leadership today, nothing has changed, Malachi 3:6.

In the next installment, we will cover some of the new ways man is trying to circumvent God.


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