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Man, the Male Leadership Role as Directed by God - Part 8

Updated on August 2, 2014

Non-believers are not constrained to follow the Word of God. (We will use unbeliever and non-believer synonymously.) Some may chose bits and pieces of the Bible as a life’s choice, still it is no more than a personal interest. And we believe they will be judged by God under His “guidelines,”the same as the believer.

When judgement is rendered they will be held accountable for their choice, the same as the believer. The Bible is quite clear on the penalties for both believer and non-believer. We’ll not go further with these folks at this time.

But Christianity is ablaze with new ideas and new directions. And the main purpose is to change the focus and meld the non-believer and believer into one church. Improper, illicit leadership is one of the tools used today. And this leadership is being put in place by “new” revelations, definitions, finding of lost manuscripts, etc.

We must keep in mind that when folks chose misinterpret or reinvent God, it is not for the good of God’s people. These folks do not believe God or “believe” only what He says that does not conflict with their agenda. They are not “evangelizing” as they would have us believe. They are opening up the parameters of action.

These new parameters are set for self-aggrandizement and to help “God” who seems to have lost His focus. It is presented under a cloak of a greater “closeness to God,” a universal brotherhood of man. These folks hide in the church, in the colleges and in the universities that teach a new Christianity, Jude 1:4.

Most times this new “closeness to God,” based on logic or the catch-all idiom “times have changed” and requires a new direction which brings a need for new Bible versions. All of this is just another form of the fruit of the tree, Genesis 3:6.

Food for thought regarding the four most popular Bible re-writes today.

Check the history of the New World Translation bible. You will find two things of note: this bible was written to support a creed and there was a woman in the background demanding a certain place of leadership. You will not find the writers named, by the way.

Check the history of New American Standard bible. You will find wording changed and added which is not supported by the accepted texts available supposedly used. And, as need would have it, the folks that wrote this version, wrote a new concordance to support it.

Check the New International Version bible. You will find many of the writers do not believe the Bible in total. Further you will find some writers whose lifestyles conflict with the scriptures. The purpose of this “cast of writers” was to rewrite or approve extended definitions of words that agree with these lifestyles adverse to God’s Word, which it has done.


At times it is necessary to be “wordy” in order to lay a proper foundation for a our subject matter. So it is here. The above information and past Hubs are probably tiresome to some or well known to others. Yet, it seemed necessary. Hopefully, it has calmed the fears of certain folks and sent others rifling through their Bibles, checking veracity, maybe for the first time in a long time.

Our subject, what we are considering, is the leadership of the man in directing God’s plan according to His Word as given to His people.

And who are His people? We are those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior according to His plan. We are the Church of Jesus Christ, the church of the saved, believers in salvation through Jesus Christ alone, Acts 4:12.

God “wrote the plan”before Genesis. It has been in effect and continued through all the ages unchanged by Him, including in this “new covenant” under which we are “governed” today. And that plan enjoined the male to take the leadership whether he wanted to or not.

At the same time, it enjoined the female to be in submission, not slavery, to the directions of the man. Whether a woman was more educated, more able, of higher birth was never a consideration, though by examination, some are more, much more, capable than many male leaders.

The male has failed miserably. Hebrews 3:4-12 is an example. And he continues to do so, moving mankind into even greater depths of despair and depravity. But the male has never been removed from the position of leadership by God.

Man's inability to direct things God's way is do to unbelief and ego. He has gone to the ways of worldly thought rather than the Word of God. And because of this, he has developed an ineptness for leadership. We can find numerous other issues at work today in the Church of Jesus Christ because of his disregard of the Word of God.

Mankind is struggling with itself. God continues to work to bring individual man to a knowledge of Jesus Christ and, thereby, make man “perfect” and ready for eternity with God.

God is omnipotent, all powerful. He could have chosen any being to place in the role of leadership in His plan. He chose the male and He has not told us why, yet. God’s plan continues regardless of this “bungling,” improper direction and leadership. Yet, the incompetence displayed by the male has not changed the plan.

But this incompetence has not given mankind the unction to change the directive that God has given. Nor has “new knowledge” or better manuscripts or “updated meanings of Bible words” changed anything. God, and His plan for leadership, as well as His plan of salvation, remain the same, Acts 16:31,

. . . Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved . . .

How much simpler could it be?

With this background, we are ready to move on the heart of the matter, God placed the man in the role of leadership for our world.

Our study will center on several citations, though there are many more to be found that would support our position: Genesis 2:22; Genesis 3:16; 1 Corinthians 11:8; 1 Timothy 2:11-14.

It is can be dangerous to give (some of) your subject proofs to the adversary ahead of time, but the Bible and its meanings are unchangeable or refutable as error. No amount of human logic can change what God says. No politically correct mandate can override what God says. And God has never changed. So we have a sure, sound reproof for the adversaries.

Psalm 12 tells us that God’s Word was preserved for us through the centuries, for the believer to rest in and the non-believer to consider. No amount of unbelief or need updating or manipulation or exigent circumstance can change what God has said. We stand on this.

So let’s get into it, in the next Hub.


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