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Can Time Be Restored

Updated on March 25, 2018
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Jerry started in the trucking industry in 1978 and has spent most of his life on the open road as a Trucker Evangelist and Christian Author.

Investing and Managing Time

Did you know that you can invest your time and get a dividend from it but you cannot save it?

A lot of people today are over loaded with the cares of this world and have neglected to concentrate on making happy memories with their family .

Our time with our family should be enjoyable and leave us with some happy memories when they are no longer around. It is time to put some margin in our life which will give us breathing room. I am talking about wisely investing our time where it counts. Margin is the space we allow between our load and our limit.

Did you know that you can invest your time and get a dividend from it but you cannot save it? Once a precious second of your life is gone, you can never get it back. Overload comes when we have too much going on in our life. We could take a day and follow someone around and see where they invest their time. This would surely tell us what the most important things in their life are. Where we invest our time will reveal what is most important to us. Time cannot be saved, if we don’t use it, then we will lose it forever. People love to take short cuts. They invent appliances that will save time like microwave ovens etc. Time cannot be bought but it can be spent and invested.

Time Can Be Restored

We have learned from this hub that it is impossible for us to go back and recover the (years) time that the enemy and our poor choices have taken from us however if we were able to go back and regain these years we would also have the things that caused us to fall which could include positions, relationships and yes failed marriages.

This is not much encouragement is it?

I have some good news!

We find in the book of Joel chapter 2 verse 25 that God speaks through his prophet that he is able to restore the (Time) years that the locust (Sin) hath eaten and goes on to name the cankerworm, the caterpiller and the palmerworm. These in itself would give us some valuable insight to what indulging in sin and making poor choices can bring our way.

WE also find in Marks gospel chapter 3 that Jesus himself used the word restored. Here he is healing the man with the withered hand.This man was in the temple (Church) and had a hand that was deformed and withered. Jesus told him to stretch forth his hand but did not tell him which hand to stretch forth.

All to often we want to give God what we think is our good hand instead of admitting our weaknesses before an all seeing and all wise God.

What we glean from this is if we stretch forth which would mean to press forward in our christian walk then God is able to go back and recover the years that we think we have lost.

Again this could be failed relationships and yes even failed marriages. Oh yes dear reader and he is able to restore (Restructure) (Fix) what we lost and give us the strength, love and , determination to start these relationships including failed marriages without the mess that caused them to fail. Now this is a place to cry, rejoice and thank the Living God that he is able to restructure us and cause us to be a blessing to those around us.

Stretch Forth Thy Hand

The man with the withered hand received his healing when he stretched it forth at the Lord's command. The bible does not tell us what caused his hand to be deformed. He could have had an accident that caused his hand to draw up because of a restricted blood flow from an injury or he could have been born with a withered hand. I know that my grandmother said I was born with a withered hand which seems odd that God would call me to found Withered Hand Ministries, Inc. The man with the withered hand may have been missing a finger maybe even a thumb but when he stretched it forth thank God, it became whole as the other.

The miracle here and the lesson for all of us is to realize that although we come to a place in life where we wake up and realize that we have wasted many years that we can never get back; then discover that if we place our trust in the one who knew us before we were born and press forward to know him and do his will that he is able to recover those wasted years and restructure us to be successful in our business, ministry, and marriage.

My Conclusion

Time Can Be A Precious Gift

Where and how are we investing our time?

We can invest our time through encouraging words to someone at just the right time that will change their whole situation?

A person can tell if your faith is important to you by listening to your words. We need to invest our life in to others by giving back out of the things that we have been blessed with. We can use our time and talents to make a difference in the lives of others. We can invest in people by being a true friend that they can count on no matter what comes their way.

The Living God has invested in every one of us and he expects to get a return on his investment. We can use are time and gifts to help make a difference in the lives of others and the rewards are out of this world. The Living God has a history of investing in common ordinary people and some have made it in to his blessed book called the Holy Bible.

Waiting on God's timing is crucial and may not line up with ours because where he is taking us may take years to attain.

God may choose to speed us up and even slow us down on our journey just to place us in the right place at the right time to witness to a soul that is in trouble or maybe one that is getting ready to be called out into eternity.

The bottom line is what are we leaving behind to future generations?

Let us recognize the urgency of the time we are living allow our desire and hunger for the Living God to drive us deeper into his word and when we see our ship coming on the horizon, let us swim out to meet it with great expectation.

© 2012 Jerry W Hulse


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    • Jerry Hulse profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry W Hulse 

      6 years ago from Kingsport, Tennessee

      Time Is the Most Valuable Gift Allotted To Man, What We Do with It Will Determine Its Value.


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