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Maneuvering Through "Psychic Space"

Updated on January 14, 2012

Maneuvering "Psychic Space"

Our entire world has undergone some dramatic changes. Thoughts and feelings can be shared. There really isn't any such thing as "privacy". Any thought we have has a direct effect on other people and it's own subsequent consequence. When I first encountered this Brave New World, I reacted with great negativity. This, of course, drew negativity from my environment.......and so this became like my own private war with the "psychic world". I did just about anything it took to overwhelm, resulting in some very interesting/negative experiences.

Getting around in THIS world requires finesse. Sometimes I get hit with a thought that sexually offends me. In my case, I had some pretty vivid homosexual ideation. Remember that what you think/feel in response to such a scenario is known to a great many people. If you "say" something bigoted, this thought is "heard" and you get punished for this. Getting by such a thought is deceptively easy: just repent for it if it doesn't suit you. Another person with similar experiences to my own said that homosexual people get their "psychic punishment" in the form of unwanted heterosexual thoughts. This means that it isn't "homosexuals" who are "after us", this is just a test of our tolerance and patience.

A helpful way to look at this is a Freudian concept that he called "The Imp of the Perverse". This is actually considered to be a part of the subconscious mind. It throws up thoughts that are personally offensive to you. So, if this "Imp" gets around to giving you something that offends you, don't blame an entire psychic collective for this. If you do, you will get TONS of that which you don't like to think about. Since I've made peace with this psychic collective, my mind has become virtually free of personally disturbing thoughts. It doesn't particularly matter where these thoughts come from: it's how we RESPOND to them. Bigotry and hate beget what we call "electronic harassment". By responding to it with negative emotions, we are essentially doing this to ourselves.

When you feel a thought/feeling you personally dislike, repent for it........whether it's your thought or not. You'll find that this feeling will pass very quickly. This COULD be some test pertaining to how nice you are. Anyhow, nice people who don't react to these "irritants" prosper in this world on the psychological level. You are free to go about your life pretty much undisturbed. I've still got a way to go at mastering this. The better you get at it, the better life will become for you.

I still get "into trouble" quite often. Some things we do can result in being "beamed". This is like having your mind super-stimulated. If you find your ears ringing intensely and a funny feeling (like your mind has no reference points), you can put on music and experience an incredible oneness with the music itself. My theory is that "beaming" makes you about 10 times more sensitive to whatever you hear. Music is a highly important way for us to CHANNEL this incredible surge of energy the mind is receiving. You can also simply "hear" the song in your mind. You can also imagine fantastic images of light-patterns.

One way or the other, we must find a way to CHANNEL this energy or your mind will feel "overloaded". You can imagine ANYTHING you like and it will become SO VIVID. This again precludes negative thinking because it leads to that thought becoming VERY real to you. I've imprisoned myself in the most ridiculous "Hells". Now I find ways to make this "trip" pleasant as opposed to driving myself crazy with my own defensiveness. This is why it's no good to think of yourself as being persecuted. See all of it from the point of view of an innocent child. Couple this with what I call ANTI-PARANOID THINKING. Always think of the source as benevolent.......NEVER MALEVOLENT. This is why it pays NOT to believe in: "Stalkers", "Aliens", "Demons" or the Devil. Without any negative ideas to build on, you cannot be scared or enraged out of your wits. The truth is less important than POSITIVE THINKING.

There is another way to handle "beaming": seriously focus on becoming the nicest version of yourself that you can IMAGINE. It works: in fact I believe this is the underlying reason for "beaming" evolve our minds into a state of peace and Love. This seems to have an effect on the self: you feel a psychic entity (the self) evolving into some sort of enlightened being. Many people have simply decided to take the "Enlightenment Trip". God is very helpful in helping us see the bigger picture.

Sometimes, while being "beamed"..........we may feel or imagine hostile actions that we would never actually want to ever do. You may have to do a lot of repenting at a time like this. These negative ideas might be foreign.........but nonetheless, they must be atoned for or you'll begin to believe them! One way or the other, you'll want to keep these negative impressions from becoming a part of how you perceive yourself. It will feel like a tide of thought-flow that you must rise above by becoming a better person. People in the know call this state of TRANSCENDENCE as being "up". They call giving in to the negative ideation as "falling". As you know, I've "fallen" tons of times. All you can do is repent, rewind and start over again. Keep thinking positive and all of this will pass!


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    • Loveless City boy profile image

      Loveless City boy 6 years ago from LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!

      I agree. Change is good but also scary. This can be a time of great growth for humanity.