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Manifest Abundance

Updated on May 21, 2011

It’s not about struggle.

Abundance starts from within and can be called forth by an attitude of gratitude for all the blessings that we have received in the past.

Abundance cannot come from waiting for material things to manifest themselves in external circumstances, before we call forth the feeling of gratitude.

If there at least one thing in your life you can be grateful for, keep recalling that feeling that you have for having been blessed with that one thing. Repeat that feeling of gratitude over and over until it causes a feeling of abundance from within. With constant practice, this well of gratitude can be your springboard for calling forth miracles in your life.

How do miracles happen? When you are grateful for the little things that the universe or God blesses you with, all the more Divine Providence is able to manifest in your life. Because you are able to notice the little things, you will become more aware of how really blessed you are. Becoming more aware of how blessed you are, the universe knows that you are ready to receive greater miracles. This sets you up into a life full of synchronicities---where you see that the less you struggle, the more your needs are met.

From this frame of understanding, in addition to gratitude, you will experience love of God and for the universe, again welling up from within your being. At this point, you have love and gratitude as tools to further enrich your life with miracles.

The third step is to use your imagination. After calling up gratitude and love, imagine your world as you would like it to be. Feel how it would feel to have everything you need.

Perform the process of gratitude, love and imagination on a daily basis, if possible three times a day, and you will see that indeed miracles happen on a daily basis. Does this procedure require intellectual exertion or physical effort or struggle? Not at all. It’s just a matter of becoming aware of how God and the universe loves you and eventually really knowing that your needs will be provided for.

So is it now a question of you manifesting abundance? You performing the action? Or simply letting go?

Let the universe: let it manifest abundance through you!


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    • Quirinus profile imageAUTHOR

      Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 

      7 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

      Thanks for gracing the hubpages, PWalker281!

      Your comments and hubs are important in reminding me as well of these practices that I need to consistently perform so that they become second nature. Fellow seekers like you make the journey soooo much lighter and fun!

      Keep on!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      A very simple and powerful method for manifesting abundance in one's life! We often don't realize how very powerful and "attracting" the feelings of love and gratitude really are and how, when they power the imagination, miracles can happen. I've bookmarked this hub for future reference and rated it up and awesome! Thanks for sharing your "abundance formula."


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