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Manifestations of when the shadow is not confronted

Updated on July 6, 2016
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April has been a psychology student for 6 years. She has a Bachelors Degree in psychology and is currently attaining her Masters Degree.


What happens when you do not confront your own shadow

When individuals do not confront their own shadow it can cause repression which can unconsciously project itself into their environment. As the shadow is reflected into the environment, it is reflected from what is hidden within. The holder of the broadcaster refuses to face it. The projections keep manifesting itself into negative manifestations, and the individual walks around in self-denial. The individuals projecting the images does not know what is going on. So not knowing what is going on, his/her mind will think the projections in his/her environment is real. It became real because he/she made it real because they could not discern illusion from reality. When the mind is not aware of its projecting on to the environment, and it is all the minds sees, it will create more of it. The problem is that the owner of the mind has forgotten that he or she is the navigator of their own mind. So when the conscious mind sees the negative manifestations in the environment it will think, well since I see it, it must be real. Therefore unconsciously creating more of it. The navigator not knowing that he/she can change that perception by being the co-creator of his/her life. Life is what he/she makes of it. The third eye of the mind is not the third eye but is the first eye. The first eye is like a mirror. To co-create it has to put a positive image in front of that mirror, by imagining it. The mind will confirm it, and say, “Ah I will create more of this". In order for this to work more powerfully, the closet of the mind has to be cleaned out, positive manifestations cannot hardly work through all that clutter. The navigator must also realize that spirit rules over matter, not the other way around. This means he cannot see value in materialism. As he co-creates he must know that spirit is over matter, if he does not; he will be led into his desires and become slave to matter leaving his identity behind forgetting himself.

What happens if you do not ascend

Not confronting your shadow will stunt spiritual growth, and in turn will stop you from ascending into a higher vibrational level. When you do not confront your shadow there is build up after buildup of negative manifestations that can become monstrous. Monstrous because the cup of sin that is to full. These monsters will manifest themselves as your "enemy’s", and you will find yourself surrounded by your "enemy’s". "Enemy’s" which you created because you refused to go within and confront your shadow. These monsters that represent the material world, the rulers of this world, you have put them in power and so they have become your rulers. They are anti-Christ’s, because they are against your energy to create a positive world. There are things that you are repressing, things that you are hiding from yourself. These things can cause guilt, and guilt can weigh heavy on the heart causing you to live on a lower vibration. When the shadow is not confronted, history will keep repeating itself over and over again. For example, slaying of African American males in the streets, marches, riots, etc. People will be caught up in a loop, some not knowing they are repeating the same thing because they are dead in sin. They are the real walking dead. If "Israel", the true nation of people does not wake up to the true God within themselves, the violence that they are suffering now will escalate into genocide. Israel must confront the shadow, going within to confront the shadow rewrites history and saves the future. There are those that may think that they know who they are, their life has another setting in other times. Some may have to go deeper through past life regression, or simply gnosis. The world cannot move forward with dirty closets (a cluttered subconscious mind), if it tries to move forward in that way they will become even more slaves to their own fears creating false reality’s that feeds the matrix. When chaos in the world is at its highest it means the closet of the mind needs to be cleaned out. Facing yourself, admitting wrongs and confronting the shadow changes you and in-turn changes the world.


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