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Why Spiritual Authority is Good for the Environment

Updated on April 1, 2016

Divine Authority

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

The book offers a deep transformative knowledge of God's ability to operate within the Christian believer and transform any environment.


Purifying Your Home of Demonic Activity

Communities across America are in disarray. Arguments, fights, divorces, disobedient children, drug and substance abuse and economic hardship are sending the American family into a downward spiral. Whole communities have fallen apart. The message from this article will give those believers who desire to snatch their communities from the power of darkness and promote the power of God.

Taking Authority and Dominion

In order to exercise spiritual authority and defeat the powers of darkness, the saints of God must take uncompromising dominion over their surroundings, whether in the home or community. Saints must command Satanic activities to cease. You must know that the power of God is within you right now to do this. Without this knowledge of neutralizing the atmosphere of a community or neighborhood, the environment will steadily decline and the quality of life will become increasingly oppressive and dangerous. People will become victims and prisoners in their own homes, despite having several local churches within the vicinity.

Avoiding Temporary Solutions

Natural responses to darkness, such as protesting oppression and violence, government programs and extra police patrol, are only temporary solutions for a declining neighborhood or community. These strategies may outwardly improve the lives of those living in community to a certain degree, but the state of stagnation and decline in the community continues to be a threat. This occurs because the demonic principalities and powers still rule the atmosphere over the community. Therefore, a supernatural response is the most effective and permanent solution.

Darkness Destroys the Quality of Life

The kingdom of darkness is in control of the atmosphere in our environments. After Satan and one third of his rebellious group of angels where cast out of the highest heaven, the atmosphere over the earth became their domain. Now the confused political, economic and moral systems of the entire world are a result of this fall from heaven. Evil angels, called principalities and powers and rulers of darkness, control the systems of every neighborhood, community, city and nation. The good news is that the angels of the Lord are also on the scene for those who trust in God.

The activity of the kingdom of darkness within a home, neighborhood or community are obvious: depression, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, immorality, oppression, lack of respect, selfishness, broken homes, disobedient children, cold hardheartedness, sickness and diseases, alcohol and drug use, gang violence and intimidation as well as a high number of other criminal activities. The onslaught of such dark influences upon a community will destroy the quality of life to zero. This is exactly the plan of those entities that make up the kingdom of darkness.

However, God has another plan. He has given every believer authority, through Christ Jesus, to subdue these principalities and powers and take dominion over the atmosphere of the community by promoting the power of God. When the saints of God take ruler ship of the atmosphere, the surroundings within a community will begin to reflect the supremacy of God's power, resulting in peace, goodwill among neighbors, and a sense of security, deliverance, prosperity and pleasantness. Many believers and local churches which possess the knowledge of the heavenly kingdom are experiencing this measure of God’s glory. It is the will of God that all believers come to the knowledge of this truth.

Importance of Divine Revelations

In order to deliver a environment or community from demonic strongholds, a believer must have several revelations regarding divine truth. He must believe that all things are possible, that Christ is within him and that the battle is already won. Without this understanding, the believer will see and perhaps experience things that will appear mind-boggling. The powers of darkness will not go down easily. A tremendous battle will occur that may result in an increase in community upheaval, anger, shame and ridicule as well as fear and trembling. The kingdom of darkness will attempt all these things to intimidate the believer into discarding his faith in the plan of God. Nevertheless, the believer must stand strong until the kingdom of God is established. The intimidating illusions will soon vanish and the glory of God will manifest.


Taking Authority

Exercising the power of God in your environment is a two part process: Casting down and Blessing. A believer must observe the conditions that are around her. What’s going on? Is there a sense of fear and distrust among residence due to dangerous activity in the neighborhood or community? Is there a sense of oppression, hopelessness and despair? Is the neighborhood or community constantly in the morning news or newspaper? Are the local churches in the community effective or is there influence non-existent? If so, the powers of darkness are great in that community. Nevertheless, the power of God in the believer is even greater.

Speaking with Divine Authority

Casting down demonic strongholds must be done with power and intensity. It must be done several times a day in order to affect change. Believers must speak with authority in order to shake the kingdom of darkness. Soft, timid prayers against demons will always fail. Believers must master the knowledge of command when it comes to casting down demonic strongholds. The most effective command to bring down the forces of darkness reflects the following command:

In the name of Christ Jesus, I take command over this atmosphere. I cast down all principalities and power that are operating over this home, neighborhood or community and cast them down. I bind them in the name of Christ and forbid them to return. Amen

Now may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communion of the Holy Ghost take dominion over this atmosphere and destroy all dangers, challenges, difficulties, and confusions that are the result of the kingdom of darkness. Let there be peaceful habitation, sure dwellings and quiet resting places. Amen.

Walking in Divine Power

What rules your surroundings? The power of God or the kingdom of God

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The God Head Body

The second part of this prayer, the blessing, must involve the entire God head body: the father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, against these three there is no other powers worthy of mentioning. When a believer continuously submits an atmosphere over to the entire God head body, the angels of God takes over that atmosphere and a great change begin to occur in all the surrounding territories within the community. Many believers whom I know, including myself, have experienced this time and time again. These territories will become more accessible to divine influence whenever the saints of God go out into the streets to introduce the message of salvation and love to those who desire to receive the inner kingdom. New friendships, better relationships and goodwill among neighbors will begin to flourish.

The Duty of Establishing God's Kingdom on Earth

The plan of deliverance is clear. When the saints of God begin to acknowledge their authority and begin to take dominion over the atmosphere in their neighborhood or community, the kingdom of God can be established within the entire city, state or nation. The divine atmosphere is manifested in this way.This revelation is huge. The saints of God must understand that the government of the kingdom is upon their shoulders through Christ Jesus. God is waiting for such a revelation to captivate the mind of believers all across the country, even the entire world. The revelation of taking dominion over the atmosphere and the implementation of it will usher in the spirit of Christ without reservation. Therefore to the saints and believers in Christ everywhere: arise and shine. Bring fourth the kingdom of God.


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