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Manifesting without the Nonsense, Step 1

Updated on September 2, 2019
Renee Abbott profile image

Renee Abbott has spent almost five decades as a spiritual counselor, psychic and medium. A1 Psychic Radio hosted her show in the past.

Vision Boards Basics

Step 1. Instructions on Creating your Goal.

Step 1: Creating Your Goal

Take your goal and realistically break it down to tiny steps. Write it until you can word it in one precise sentence

Here are a couple of examples.

  1. I love my new yellow car, and it drives wonderfully. (you can put the name of it.)
  2. I enjoyed making Thanksgiving Dinner this year in my new home.
  3. I am thrilled with how my business grew over the past quarter.

As you can see, it is precise, and it is in the past tense. You already possess it.

You now have your goal in front of you. I advise to start the process to create a vision board, so you can see your goal. A vision board can be done with photographs, cut out pictures from magazines, words you write, or pictures you draw. Its purpose is to map out your goal. This will create the drive to start your project. Love on it, and then set it aside for about a half-hour before you go back to it. Now step back and look at your vision board and repeat, "it feels great to own this!"

Keep repeating until you hear your mind telling you, "yes, looks nice, but you don't have the money. Where is it coming from, and who is going to help you? See our brain is trained to stop our dreams. It is going on old programs that have guided you throughout your life.

Usually, all our goals get wrapped in a lack of something to create it. It is here we will begin our journey. You will discover how you will b.s. yourself to keep you from reaching your goal

Be prepared for the first step in discovering how you b.s. to yourself, and then how to open your heart and take a risk. Our heart has been broken so often, we often shut down, at the first sign of overwhelmedness, and quit.

You must open your heart to that part of you. Small steps, but a necessary one. You can manifest, but you go to let go of your old beliefs. Everything is possible, yet, our subconscious is a clone of our ancestors. The only limitation you have is your subconscious. That is a mighty limitation. I took the challenge and retrained my subconscious

I started with the Ho’oponopono.


Ho'oponopono Using with Vision Boards

I Love You

I Am Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank you.

The above are the four sentences to Ho'oponopono.

In `1999, I received an invitation to fly to Hawaii and learn the Ho’oponopono. I received it but did not receive the above four sentences. It has helped me changed my life, but in 2012, I accidentally left it behind. As I #googled it, I discovered these four sentences. These I will start you with.

I chant them throughout the day, and I’m now at the point, when I wake up in the middle of the night, my mind is chanting the four sentences, instead of you can’t do this, you are a loser,.etc. You do not need to know what you are saying it for, because it doesn’t matter. It is a cleansing tool to help cut the chords of old beliefs. I will type more on this later. It though is great to begin cutting through and releasing the lies you tell yourself.

Vision Board for Being A Well-Known Author
Vision Board for Being A Well-Known Author

How To Look At Your Vision Board and Find Where to Start

As you look at your vision board you need to find where to begin. When you look at the above picture, you will see a picture of me, always good to put you in the vision board, a picture of my book, and a road as the main pictures. I placed a cobalt blue jar on it, a photo to leave magic where you go and a candle. The book is done, so that won't be my 1st.step. The first one I've chosen is the road. How will I navigate this road? How do I get peoples' attention? This is my first step.

At this point, it would benefit me to make another vision board. I do use digital programs because it is my preference. You can use whatever works for you. .

Vision Board on My Previous Successes
Vision Board on My Previous Successes

The Road to Take to Announce My Goal

On the first vision board it is clear, I wrote the book, and now I need to find out how to market it. As I stood back and looked at first, my mind told me, you are a nobody and nobody is going to care about your book. This is where I started the Ho'oponopono and created this vision board, of areas I am known.

I'm known as a tarot/oracle reader, who worked on radio and other places, for over forty years as a professional. People have met the group I channel, Hippie Ghost Band, and fell in love with them. People have experienced the unusual with them and often enjoyed being entertained by them. My book, The Matter of Trust is my book, but them ghostwriting. I also included in the vision board pictures of me channeling them.

Here is where I started the four sentences of Ho'oponopono, as I instructed earlier. How could I leave 'magic' wherever I go, as on the first vision board, if I didn't believe in me?

How can you create your goal, if you don't believe in you?


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