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Updated on July 27, 2016

Manipuri is a very well known word in India,,,,,Mamipur is a state pf india,,,, resident of Manipur are called Manipuri,......they are famous for their own Manipuri Dance

There are some manipuri in india's nearest neibour Bangladesh,bt there is a "BUT" Bamgladesh they are divided in 3 religion.....

1. Manipu(Meitei) :

They arw actual origin of indian Manipuri,they blv in Sanatan religion

2.Bishnipriya : They have different language rather than meitei,,bt they also blv in Sanatan religious view

Muslim Manipuri (Meitei pangan) : they have same meitei language nut different religion.They blv in Islam,,there lifestyle,eating,marriege, is as same as any muslim

That's all for today, i will create new hub with more information about Manipuri in Bangladesh,if u want,,see you again, bye :)


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