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Short Story:Mankind, only a stroke of Luck?

Updated on February 27, 2012

Mankind is only a stroke of luck?

He has fought to get to here only to die, what’s the point of life and living? Are you really trying to tell me that mankind and his existence, is nothing but a stroke of luck? I want you to know, that I simply do not need any proof, other than myself, my life to tell you are so wrong, in saying there is no God, and nothing other than luck is responsible for our existence. What are we fighting for then? Why are we moving so fast? What is chasing us? Where are we heading, to the grave? It that it it’s done?

I now must ask you, what’s coming next on the lucky line. I am going to speak for myself of myself. I am not going to trouble The Most High God on this even if I already know that he won’t mind , he don’t mind and he cannot mind until he return in the visible form which he did sometime ago. Every father should love when their children comes to learn from their knowledge. This father gave us everything we needed, even before we do.

I say many time in my writings , that even if I was born and the powers that be had me self sustained until the age of five and the only thing that I was exposed to was the times , like day and night, there would be something inside of me looking for something. If I find something, or something finds me, the one that does anything first, will undoubtedly be followed. That I have grown to compare throughout my life so far, and I came up with no surprise whatsoever.

Mankind will always be most comfortable following someone else; he is one who does not do to well when left by him. He was born alone, he would die alone but he dare won’t live alone. Even if he decides to live alone, he would not be able to sustain himself for too long, he would die of loneliness. Take for instance , who are we following to space? Do you think a few shots from aliens would , no it will encourage us, because something's there. Do you think mankind could tell you all he knows , regardless of what measures you take ! You can't handle the truth! Look what you are doing with you!

Mankind of a whole is now dying because of loneliness, deep inside of mankind as a unit and him as a collective he is dying of loneliness. That’s why his creator has to return , and on that return , it won’t be a matter of take some leave some , mankind the collective will witness a power the like of which he will never again experience, because there will be only one time. Man builds something , that thing is not going according to plan it has to be improved on , Everything God created is perfect and even perfection must answer to perfection. We won’t be there in that interaction, but still we would rather fight, argue, quarrel and question God, but who are you speaking to? God would not create something and not have a plan for his creation.

But man after he has come to realize that he can do and say a few things without any visible repercussions we have seen what he is capable of. God knew this and he has instilled in everyman that ability to feel that which he knew we would one day m have to, so the free will is ours to digest. We allow some of those feelings to dominate us more than others. I said I would not use influence but God did and long before every man can reach his existence , he was somehow able to tell you what you were going to do ,and what will tempt you most. All I can say is that it’s our time now. So if you are thinking that mankind is all luck I would easily go with the opposite of that. We are not that lucky! Remember there is no luck or unsure ness with God, it simply is.

Since then if the first shall be last as we see with every day and night, what’s next for man, and how can those people that were so foolish back then be able to be so correct about everything we are experiencing now, and what’s that thing deep in side speaking to you and I, why am I answering and why are you so stubborn, after obeying everything else, live marriage children cry, die, why?

Mankind is only a stroke of luck?


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