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Manny Pacquiao Preaches

Updated on July 6, 2012

Hi! I would like to share this wonderful experience with you. I am a Filipino and currently here in General Santos City (the birthplace of Manny Pacquiao), Philippines. I am a Pacquiao enthusiasts that I am uplifted by the honor he give our country. By God’s grace, I was there when Manny Pacquiao preach 11 days after his fight with Timothy Bradley set by local pastors of our place. If you have the time, I hope you’ll find this something that can bless.

It was Wednesday, the day I have been thrilled for since I have received information of Pacquiao to have his sermon. It was June 20, 2010. I had my day free of activities by the time that I was able to go. There were no hindrances which have prevented me for the task. It was because of our adviser in the AGAPE ministry that we were given the opportunity. To hear Pacquiao preach was a privilege for me and also a blessing as I had soon confirmed. I mean, it isn’t everyday that something like this would happen. It was free and anybody interested was welcomed to be part of the assembly. We were told to come by 9am but I arrived at the venue which was MRBC (Mindanao Regional Bible College) located at Dadiangas Hegihts a little late. I was 30 minutes off the time. I feared that they had already started. I was a bit worried while I was still on my way. Fortunately for me, the guest our champion, hasn’t arrived yet. Everybody was patient as the People’s Champ was on his way. I didn’t know the venue pretty well by the time which was one of the reason I got late. The place was new to me. It would be the first time I would have set foot on it. I asked my dad to drop me by and I eventually convinced him. We drove by the motorcycle. As we were getting nearer to our destination, I’ve noticed the beauty there are within that part of the city. I had always wanted to explore the area though I never got the chance. When we finally arrive, I was hesitant to go in. My dad had left and I was stuck outside figuring things out. I couldn’t find any of my companions in our ministry. As it would seem, I was the first along my friends. None I knew was in sight. Although the gate of the venue was wide opened, I waited for a while for some of my friends. We had an agreement that we would go together. When I mustered up the strength, I went in and found a pastor to talk to. Soon, two of my friends arrived. To make the long story short, we waited for Manny and it was a relief he finally came. He entered the premises at 10:25 am. it was a convoy of pastors who accompanied him which he himself can may be considered one. Pastor Manny Pacquiao is a good title as I can see it. On the hall, he was preparing his power point presentation when I first saw him in person. It was actually him! He was wearing a yellow shirt with black fitting jeans.

All of us were filled with awe in the place. We were lifted up on our esteem. His presence was an inspiration. I pay tribute seeing how he looks humble. The camera sees him as a star yet he’s actually simple and ain’t that far from where I was sitting. To open up, we started by a prayer. We asked the Holy Spirit to guide us on God’s word. Then, we praised the Lord with music. And, when one of the person in charge called Manny, everyone lend the ear. He was gonna share God’s word. He started with a testimony. I’ve heard of many from my friends and Christians before but he’s got me attentive. I was eager to listen to every word he was sharing. It wasn’t no common one and it may be the first I hear with a dream in it. He told of the experience that begun his walk side by side with the lord. He stated that it was the dream that changed his life. I can remember full well how he declared it by detail. Later that day, I would know that there were mediamen covering us but more on it later. Here is his dream: He was on a forest and it wasn’t no ordinary one. The place was special. It was beautiful like a paradise. A wonderful sight was beyond Manny. It was perhaps the most delicate view he had seen. The trees as he described it were standing tall with many features. It was a large area indeed. It wasn’t contained in any parameter. It stretched unto the horizons. As he continue to be in awe by its majesty, he suddenly examine a figure. It wasn’t anything rare as it describes itself common. It was a man. He identifies the person automatically. No doubt, the name is clear. “That’s…”his thought exclaimed! At the center of it all was himself. He was kneeling. His knees were bent that it put him humbly before what was to come. Goosebumps! A sound as dim as it is broke loose. All attention was turned upon. There was another by the situation. He wasn’t just kneeling. He was in sorrow by common point of view. I would agree. Tears were flowing from his eyes. The grief was unbearable. Wet signals of a fit turn of events had made the scene ready for something big. It was only a matter of seconds before the climax. The shattered emotions got hold of him. He was crying indeed. Bitter portions of his ache were bursting out. As he continue to witness, there was light in dominance. The shine was pierce. The intensity was inside and out. It was penetrating his body. It was so extreme that he was like transparent to it. Rays like that of the sun was passing toward him from above. The brightness covered him whole. Then while still in the position, the great “I AM” (exodus 3:14) spoke.

… to be added


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    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Bitin kabayan! I look forward to reading more...God bless PACMAN and the Philippines!

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      @jayblogme, beautiful! Inspiring!

      I look forward to more. The Philippines is truly blessed to have someone so talented and humble before the Lord.