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Man's Fall From Perfection, Truth Is...

Updated on October 26, 2012

We were meant to live forever

What was God's purpose in creating man? What was his intention?Follow along as we delve into scripture and get some answers...Truth Is...

If we look to God's word we will discover how complete HE is in explaining quite a bit concerning our existence, and the explanation is quite simple; it is when men try to complicate what God has said for their own benefit is when confusion sets in.

To begin with, God first created ALL that man needed to survive, be entertained,be creative,and sustain human life eternally.Its incredibly remarkable how WATER is the base of all things HE created including man; all things earth related revolve around man!

WHILE WE ARE HERE WE MAY AS WELL DISPEL A COUPLE OF MYTHS: At NO time does the bible mention that we have a soul that floats around in the spirit realm; it does NOT say that we existed in spirit form and then God gave us a human body to inhabit.Genesis 2:7 tells us that "the Lord formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; AND MAN BECAME A LIVING SOUL"...Many Churches teach that we existed previously and will again return to spirit life; this is never presented in GOD's word, so I would beg to differ from this man-made theory.I tend to go by what GOD says.Truth Is...r

Verse 9 of Genesis chapter 2 goes on to tell us that God planted several and varying trees in the Garden of Eden, two in particular: 1) the tree of knowledge of good and evil, this is the one EVERYBODY has heard of and knows about, even the nonbelievers of the world;and 2)the tree of life...the tree that you rarely hear about in church, or from ANY minister, bishop, preacher, etc. So, of course THAT is the tree we will discuss! Hey, those of you who now Truth Is, KNOW it is how we do things, WE LEARN!!!!

So what is the "Tree of Life"? The explanation is written right there in Genesis as we shall see. We wont dwell so much on the tree of knowledge of good and evil as that tree has been talked about ad-nauseum (far too much). Quite simply, the Tree of Life, its fruit, WHATEVER that fruit looked and tasted like(I'd imagine it was quite sweet!), that fruit provided man with the ability to live forever, to never die!

"Oh Lord, here comes Truth Is with some more of his mess..",. Yeah, you all are about to actually LEARN something!

To qualify this statement, let's turn to Genesis Chapter 3:22-24. "And the Lord God said,Behold,the man has become as one of us,to know good and evil:and now,LEST HE PUT FORTH HIS HAND, AND TAKE ALSO OF THE TREE OF LIFE, AND EAT,AND LIVE FOREVER:(23) therefore the Lord god sent him(man) from the garden of Eden..."(24)"So HE drove out the man, and HE placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims (Cherubs, mighty angels), AND a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of Life..".

Wow! Those three short verses hold enormous information if you only pause to consider them! 1) Man was never intended to know the difference between good and evil; all we were meant to know was the goodness of GOD and all that HE provided and represented concerning us. 2)The tree of life was in fact an actual TREE that had actual FRUIT that could be eaten, and upon eating of that fruit, man would would have access to immortality(never die).3)Placing Cherubs outside the garden, GOD posted very powerful angels there to prevent not only man, but other angels(think Satan and other renegades) from access to the tree also; this was punctuated by his positioning the flaming sword there also

This being the case, one is compelled to ask WHY this is not discussed, taught, and preached in church! The answer: Consider what IS taught in church, that we have souls that leave our body upon death(never mentioned), that we were meant to go to heaven(never mentioned,AND contrary to what GOD's word says HE intended for man to do). If GOD wanted us in heaven, WHY did HE create us here on earth? HE already had myriads of angels in heaven that served every purpose HE has; what's HE need us there for?

Psalms 115:16 says:"The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord's, but the EARTH hath HE given to the children of men"Ecclesiastes 1:4 adds:"One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh, but the EARTH abideth forever"; this denotes that the earth, which GOD created to hold and sustain human existence to time indefinite, will do so even after man's rebellion against GOD. This also calls to mind that Isaiah 55:11 says:"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth:it shall not return unto me void but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it", revisit now GOD's initial purpose: for man to live forever on earth with all he needed.He ordained it, and thus it shall be!

Back to the Tree of Life: If they were to tech, preach, etc about that tree in church, they would have to admit to teaching falsehoods for centuries in churches! They have taught us that we are going to heaven, going to suddenly be whisked away to heaven, that we had pre-existing souls GOD planted here on a trial basis, everything but what the bible says: the TRUTH! To teach that the Tree of Life existed and does still exist would mean that they would have to teach that GOD's original purpose for man, to live forever here on earth, WILL be realized; and tho' the bible says this is the case, the church has chosen to ignore that and bury the facts presenting an alternative scenario that would have us all join GOD in heaven where HE never intended for us to be!

Granted, there is evidence in the bible that there will be a handful on earth chosen for heavenly existence, but that group is numbered and spoken specifically about, and does not included everyone on earth that is rapture away because they went to church and confessed Christ.That's for future discussion, however...Truth Is...
In previous articles, we have established that the kingdom we pray:"Let your kingdom come, on EARTH as it is in heaven...", literally does come into existence here on earth in the future(Revelation 21:2:"and I John, saw new Jerusalem, coming down from GOD OUT of heaven..."),Revelation chapter 20 goes on to establish that Satan will be set free after Jesus' thousand year reign (on earth), vs8:"ans he shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth..." This is set to happen AFTER the days of tribulation, AFTER the "End", and AFTER Jesus establishes God's kingdom here on earth.

If Satan is going to be released to try to tempt the people, they would HAVE to be here on earth as Satan is no longer granted access to heaven!Common sense...

Ultimately, GOD purposes for us to again have access to the Tree of Life, and thus gain eternal life.(Revelation 22:14). What must be understood about that tree is that it speeds up the healing process, sustains our mind, organs, etc, all that either heals slowly or is corrupted from the very start.What a wonderful tree indeed! and what a wonderful creator to provide it!

Yes, my friends, there will be more on this topic in future articles...truth Is...



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