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Rahu Mantras and Remedies

Updated on February 19, 2014
Anamika S profile image

Anamika S Jain is a Social Media Consultant and Blogger. She is passionate about topics like Alternative Health Therapies and Hindu Mantras.

Rahu Story and Remedies

According to Hindu Mythology Rahu swallows the Sun or the Moon causing eclipses. The story of Rahu is quite interesting. According to the Puranas, Swarbhanu, the son born to the Asura King Viprasithi and a Queen Sinhika, consumed amrut by disguising himself as a God and sitting in between Sun and Moon. Once Mohini (a Lord Vishnu avatar as female) who was distributing the holy nectar of immortality noticed the mistake Sharbhanu was assaulted with the ladle resulting which his head separating from the rest of the body. As he had already consumed amrut he did not die. Swarbhanu pleaded to Vishnu for moksha and accordingly a serpants body was fitted to his face which we call Rahu and the serpants head with his body became Ketu.

Rahu is normally depicted as a dragon head with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Though not a Planet Rahu is counted as one of the navagrahas. Rahu is considered as a malefic and its effects are equated with that of Shani by Vedic Astrologers.The metal representing Rahu is lead. Its element is air and direction is south-west. Rahu is the ruler of number 4 in Indian numerology. Rahu is also the lord of three nakshatras : Ardra, Swati and Shatabhisha. The dasha of Rahu normally last for 18 years out of which the 6th and 8th years are the most troublesome ones. When the Rahu is afflicted one faces several miseries and obstacles in the way of success and remedies should be done to reduce the ill effects. Some such remedies are

Given below are the Mantras of Rahu.

Rahu Mantras and Remedies
Rahu Mantras and Remedies

Mantras of Rahu

"Aum rahave namah"

"Aum rang rahave namah aum"

"Om dhum ram rahave namah"

"Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah rahave namah"

"Om raam rahve namah"

"Ardakayam mahaviryam chandraditya vimardanam singhika garba sambootam tam rahum pranamamyaham."


I offer my obeisance’s to Rahu who was born from the womb of Simhika and who has only half a body yet possess great power, being able to subdue the Sun and the Moon.

These mantras are normally chanted on 108 japa beads and may be recited for 18,000 times within 40 days during night and puja should be performed with blue flowers and sandalwood. One can begin the recitation of the mantra on a Saturday during the bright half of the Moon. Presence of Kali and Durga yantra at the place of recitation may help one in achieving the desired results faster.

Rahu Gayatri Mantra

AUM Sookdantaya Vidmahe,

Ugraroopaya Dhimahi,

tanno Rahu Prachodayat.

Rahu Shanti Mantra

"Om Rahuve Devaye Shaantim, Rahuve Kripaaye Karoti, Rahuaaye chamaaye abhilaashat, Om Rahuve Namoh Namah.”


Rahu Deva, I pray to you. Please forgive my sins and give me your blessings.

If Rahu is affecting your life adversely then the above mantra can be chanted 2 times a day to reduce its effects one in the morning before breakfast and one in the evening before dinner.


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  • profile image

    Abhishek 5 years ago

    Does mahamritunjaya and garuda mantra stops the adverse effect's of rahu do let me know. As I am chanting maha-mritunjaya mantra (beej mantra) since 4 years.

  • profile image

    shibasish ghosh 5 years ago

    Thank you very much anamika......

  • profile image

    hanumesh 5 years ago

    Hi Anamika,

    Thank you very much.

    hi anamika,

    thank u very much

  • profile image

    praful rathod 6 years ago

    Sir, Very happy to read the article. such a fantastic article.

  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 6 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    Sonu : You mean 'Om Aim Hrim Rahave Namah'? All mantras meant for sadana requires some rituals to be followed. Don't do it if you are not able to follow it.

    ilangovan: You may chant mahamrityunjaya mantra for health problems. I have written a Hub on it. You can check my typing my name on the search box here along with the mantra name. Buy a CD and listen to it also as often as you can.

    shamraz: Your question is already answered in this Hub. And your astrologer should be able to guide you more on it.

  • profile image

    shamraz 6 years ago

    i had an asto reading done and they said i have a peroiod of raho coming in 2014 please if there is a remady in advance please can you tell me and if you could email me at i would be gratfull

  • profile image

    ilangovan 6 years ago

    It is very usful for me.please tell how i chant ragu mantra for health problam..which raagu mantraa ?

  • profile image

    Sonu 6 years ago

    Can somebody please advise if there is any harm this matra can cause in any scenario?

    Hrim Rahave Namah....

  • profile image

    P.K.Garg 6 years ago

    Thank you Anamika , It will help us a lot. Also may be we can now engage other family members help in praying for us like a prayer chain.

    or you can start a Rahu Prayer group who help out others.

    May be we need some basic info or a photo of a person for whom the prayers are done. Namestey

  • profile image

    Pradeep 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot i was searching for this thanks a lot god bless u

  • profile image

    Gudiya 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot.

  • profile image

    Dev 6 years ago

    Anyone doing RahuDeva mantras. "Om raam rahve namah". The pronounciation is not RAAM, here M should be pronounced through nose not from the mouth. I am not very particular about the rituals(urad dal and coconut). Individual might at least, one good/help to someone daily without any expectation.

  • profile image

    Dev 6 years ago

    I do have Rahu dasha, figured out from Parashar lite6.1. I am praying every day Rahu mantra(Ardha Kayam.....20times), Rahu beej mantras om breem.... and Om rahave namah both 144 times. Early morning and before going to bed. Let's see I can grab Rahu's attention or not. I am sure he will hear me.......

  • profile image

    Reina 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your help

  • profile image

    binita 7 years ago

    Thnks for ur mantras for rahu .its really helpful

  • profile image

    Amit 7 years ago


    Thanks for your advice also please tell where are we supposed to pour the Barley mixed with milk and how r we supposed to mix barley in milk.

  • profile image

    ankur 7 years ago

    thank you for your post.

    really helped me a lot.

  • profile image

    BR HANDA 7 years ago

    good, healthy knowledge regarding rahu,its status in different houses,vedic remedial based on mantras. in addition a square piece of sandal if be worn in peacock shade thread or pour barley mixed with milk on saturday afternoon, it helps a lot.

  • profile image

    Bharath 8 years ago

    Hi, my son is 10 months and has rahu dosha and i wanted a remedy and hope this one will help, if you can help me more with me it i will be very glad... please do mail me at

  • profile image

    Ravi 8 years ago

    i saw all comments about Grah is great education those who donot know and even those who knows also.better than wasting time on rubish things on different bad sites.

    thanks who all doing good things


    Richmond VA

  • profile image

    sekhar 8 years ago

    Hey Anamika, you have shared lot of rahu mantras which are not found on any other site - especially the Rahu Shanti Mantra. Great Work ! Just a request - can these mantras be published in our national language or sanskrit ( i mean visualization) to actually know the exact word to avoid any mistake in pronunciation?

    One question - Can this rahu shanti mantra be recited daily starting from any Saturday.

  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    chaitanyaviral and view : I am happy that you found the hub informative and useful. Thanks for the visit.

  • view profile image

    view 8 years ago

    Very good hub on astrological remedy for Rahu. Great work.

  • chaitanyaviral profile image

    chaitanyaviral 8 years ago from India

    hi anamika, I am really thankful to you as I was really in search of Rahu mantra for the nivarana of Chandaal Yoga in my horoscope, Thanks a lot. Nice & Informative hub.