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Many a facets of Avatar!

Updated on December 24, 2011

Shirdi and Sathya Sai with Lord Shiva and Ganesh!

The time was ripe for an incarnation!

Living in the Presence of God is really a thrilling and elevating experience. Incarnations of God is not an every day affair. May be once in a blue moon, Avatars incarnate in this world. Prior to their arrival on this earth, they depute many saints, sages and prophets to prepare the spade work. We have witnessed this in every day life. When there is a scuffle between two people, a police constable is sent to control it. When there is street fighting, a Police Inspector with two or more sub-inspectors and many constables rush to the scene to quell the fight and arrest the perpetrators of fight.

Imagine that there is a protest march by the citizens of entire town against the authorities or rulers. There is complete traffic block. None could move here or there. Every thing comes to a standstill. Commissioners of Police assisted by battalion of police forces arrive there to ensure a peaceful protest. If the protesters turn violent and uncontrollable, the Inspector General of Police is summoned to the venue who gives instant instructions to fire tear gas shells, chasing the protesters with sticks and most of the time, they control the crowd who have become unruly. In extreme circumstances, shoot at sight orders are passed with the permission of Ministers concerned.

Likewise, God send many saints and sages to control the situations. If nothing works out, he sends a prophet. Still if there is no control of the situation, He himself decides to descend as an incarnation and assume a human form with all powers intact. But he generally never uses his powers unless the situation so warrants. We had many incarnations of God who assumed human form like Sri Rama and Sri Krishna who have transformed the evil that engulf the human society. In the west, we have seen Jesus Christ with few of his followers enabled great change in the life of people. Only after his crucifixion and ascension from the Tomb, people started realizing His greatness and power. He was deputed by the Father in Heaven to change the mindset of people and to guide them towards morality. He has taught them how one should lead his life in this world.How parents and elders have to be revered, how to pray to the Lord and rely upon his power.

In the recent past, one such incarnation took place in India, who had shown the people, the ancient highway which was hidden, which would lead to immortality. Man is born in this world to evolve into the Divine. The present age is surely the darkest age on earth. There is no ethical living or thought. People led their life with the aim of hoarding more and more wealth. There was no concern for the poor and needy. People start cavil at the teachings contained in scriptures. They had scant regard for saints and sages. There is no reverence to teachers and elders. Each one thinks that he is more knowledgeable than others. There was rank materialism everywhere. Relationships between the family members reached a low ebb. There was discard and strife every where. Nations engage other nations in nuclear war. The natural calamities increased due to abuse of nature. It was evident that the saints and prophets could not correct the mindset of people. Every body has become a virtual demon.

In the prior ages, there was handful of demonic persons by eliminating whom, righteousness was restored. But if the Divine choose to eliminate now, none will be left for every body is a mixture of good and evil in varying proportions. Lord Krishna has promised in the Bhagawat Geetha, that whenever there is decline in righteousness and morals, he will incarnate in every age!Yes, the Lord has chosen to descend on this earth! Rest in next part.


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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Thank You for the kind words Mr. Saisarannaga. I appreciate it.

      Let us not only hope for a peaceful world in a few years - let us wish for it (and make it happen)! Wishes come true - mine do anyway. : )

      Cheers and all the very best in the New Year.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Mr.Happy, I am glad to read your observations and sentiments expressed. You possess the inquisitive mind and hence you see those important points. Let us hope that the world would become peaceful in few years time. Thank You for the nice comments.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "But he generally never uses his powers unless the situation so warrants." I think we need an incarnation of an Avatar not only all the time but perhaps in every country or even every city/town in the world.

      In respect to Jesus and Christianity, I am not sure if it was actually not more detrimental to our existence than it was helpful. Even if he was a true prophet or whatever he was, Jesus failed at establishing a good religion or method of living. His name is used in vain, so is the word "God". Preachers pretend (especially Christian ones), steal money from those in need with no shame ... I guess I am not God for a reason but I do ask Thor and Gebeleizis to send such people lightning in abundance, until they become honest and truthful; until they walk the good path.

      Great piece of writing. I appreciate it - voted it up!!. May the Man in Orange always walk with You.