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Many are yet to know about Sathya Saibaba!

Updated on November 12, 2011

Even before many of the people are aware, the Avatar, Shivasakthi incarnated in the form of Sathya Narayana (Sathya Sai Baba) lived a glorious 85 years and He had laid the foundation of “Sanathana Dharma” (Ancient Righteous ways). Yes, many among the globe are unaware of such a grand phenomena but by now they might have heard His Name at least after He has chosen to leave the material frame which he adored all through these years. Though those amongst us who had the fortune to see Him in person, listened to His beautiful discourses, and had a personal interview in the historic Prasanthi Nilayam are little more fortunate, yet those who heard about Him in the media, listened to the Audio of His Divine talks are no less fortunate. It is subtleness which will last for ever. The gross material body, though it belongs to an Avatar is also subject to Death. But in the later case, we term it as Mahasamadhi. Sri Sathya Saibaba left His physical frame on 24th April of this year and He was interred in Sai Kulwant Hall on 27th April. A beautiful marble construction adores the Mahasamadhi. All activities are going on as before but with a renewed vigor.

His previous incarnation of Shirdi Saibaba too passed away on 15 October 1918 and His mortal remains are interred in Buti Mandir in Shirdi. Lakhs of people visit the place all through the year to take Dharsan of the place and the beautiful Marble statue of Saibaba. Regular rituals and Bhajan(singing of Divine songs) takes place all through the year. Though Shirdi Baba was keeping a low profile and never moved out of Shirdi except on some rare occasions to nearby villages, Sathya Saibaba was always fond of reaching the people. In His early years of life, He toured all over India to teach the people basic aims of Life and to instill more faith in the ancient scriptures. Only once He visited East Africa during the 60s. His visit to other countries is paranormal. He used to visit many devotees in far off lands to instill courage and confidence in them. It may be in any form or his usual Sai Form. Once a gentleman from Norvey visited Puttaparthy and Saibaba gave him a ring to wear as a talisman. While traveling in Bangladesh, this gentleman has lost the ring in the Chittagong River. When he had an opportunity to visit Puttaparthi again, Saibaba materialized the self same ring, telling him that you have lost this ring in the river. This is the very same ring. I am in that river and in fact, I am every where and every place. The moment you lost it, the ring came back to me. The devotee was really astonished to get back the same ring which he had lost in Bangladesh!

In the earlier years, Saibaba used to manifest from His mouth, Shiva linga made of variety of materials including transparent, opaque and even golden one. Sometimes even two or three Shiva Linga will come out of His mouth. I myself have witnessed one such manifestation of green Shiva linga known as “Maragata Lingam” during March 1966. In the morning Saibaba used to perform a holy ash bath to the silver idol of Shirdi Baba. From an empty urn, copious quantity of holy ash will fall down and submerge the four feet high silver idol. This also I have personally witnessed during March 1966. Now the holy ash is considered a panacea for the devotees. They are given for every illness mixed with water and the same seem to cure even cancer. Rest in next hub.

Manifestation of Shivalinga


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