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Many devotees visit Saibaba

Updated on September 15, 2011

The earlier devotees from Kuppam

The episodes of old mandir won't be complete without a mention of Kuppam Radhakrishna who had the fortune to visit Puttaparthy during 1940s. Those who go to Puttaparthy to see Saibaba can not plan their tour on their own accord. It is Baba who calls them, not by letters or any other external communications. It is internal intuition and inspiration. When they reach Puttaparthy, they will find Baba will be anxiously waiting for them and he made arrangement for food etc., During those days, affluent people carry own their tents for stay, utensils for cooking, clothing and bed. Though the stay won't be comfortable for affluent people, yet they enjoyed staying in the remote place only due to the love for Saibaba. Baba was the center of attraction and Baba also entertained them in all ways. At the same time Baba saw to it that they attend regular group singing on various godhead. They were given task of cleaning the temple, decorating the photos, garlanding them etc. A greatest miracle happened in the house of Radhakrishna of kuppam at a later date. After staying for few days at Puttaparthy, the family returned to Kuppam. The gentleman Radhakrishna was old and he was ailing with many health problems.

One day in midnight, Radhakrishna got up from the bed for easing himself. He went to the backyard. Due to poor lighting, he fell in a deep surface well which contained water for a sizable depth. Radhakrishna fell with a thud sound. His wife, apprehending some mishap, brought light and was searching for her husband, They were calling him. To their surprise, a feeble voice replied from inside the well. When they focused the light, they could see that Radhakrishna was standing on something with waist deep of water. With great difficulty, he was brought to the surface and after a day or two, Radhakrishna visited Puttaparthy again. He was anxious to meet and thank Baba for saving his life. Baba called him inside for personal talk. Baba told him "My shoulders are aching for carrying you for such a long time" . Immediately Radhakrishna fell on his feet and thanked him profusely. Rest in next hub.


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