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Many facets of Aavatar -Part II

Updated on December 25, 2011

Boy Sathya, Aurobindo and palm leaves with propecies.

The prophesies!

When he was born in a humble circumstances, none thought that this little baby would herald a glorified future for the entire humanity. But many a events that preceded his birth,indicated the occurrence of a great event. Automatic play of musical instruments hung on the walls of the house is one such clear indication. The parents thought some foul play. They consulted a neighbor who is well versed in scriptures. He consoled them stating that a great power is going to manifest in the house. To welcome him, the musical instruments are playing to give joy to the baby in the womb!

The conception of the baby is still mysterious. Its birth has no connection with the father of the baby. When the mother was one day drawing water from the well, suddenly a blue ball of light from the sky descended inside her body. She became unconscious unable to understand the mysterious happening. When her mother in law revived her, she told her the rare happening. Her mother in law told her not to reveal this mystery to any since people will talk in many tongues. Hence it was a case of immaculate conception!

Many of the readers might have heard about the great saint Aurobindo of Pondicherry. Once he was imprisoned by the British on a conspiracy case. But Aurobindo thought that the imprisonment is really a god sent opportunity. Hence instead of bothering about political emancipation, he started meditating on God and here he learned about the great Truths of Life and spirituality. He was an ardent seeker who possessed keen intelligence. He had a great aim. To bring the Supreme power on earth so that there would be all round transformations in the conscious of man. Even after his release from prison, he has chosen to live in Pondicherry a french colony at that time. Hence he could pursue the spiritual practices unhindered by the British Police and authorities. He founded the "Aurobindo Ashram". He was practicing silent meditation for many years to bring the Supra Consciousness(God) on earth. One day, i.e., on 24th November 1926, he came out from his secluded meditations and announced to his devotees, "Krishna Consciousness has already descended on the earth". Exactly on the previous day, the little baby to be named as "Sathyanarayana" was born in the humble cottage!

In India, many palm leaves containing the births of many has been recorded by ancient sages some 5000 years ago. They contain the prophesies of the birth of Sathya Narayana, later accosted as Sathya Sai baba! The events that is going to take place in future has been clearly spelt out. In one such prophesy it is stated that from his very birth, he would possess all the knowledge of the scriptures of all religions. He would cure many diseases instantaneously. He would establish big hospitals to cater to the need of the poor. He would establish educational Institutions of repute which offer Free education to one and all. He would revive Vedic studies. He would establish peace and righteousness in humanity. People from all over the globe would converge to his place.Those who see his physical form are blessed. He will transform the heart of the people by his own example. He will be selfless and Love incarnate.

Whatever has been propecised has come true now. We have now proof of his work in the Super Speciality Hospitals, His University and His monumental drinking water supply projects. Every thing is done silently without any fanfare or advertisement. In His University, the students are taught not only secular education but spiritual moral education too. He had not come for a specific region or the people of particular country such as India. His Mission is truly Universal. To day Sai Organizations are conducting selfless service activities in more than 200 countries all over the globe. They do service in many fields such as health,education, free food distribution, cloths and instruments for reviving the livelihood of many poor people around the world!


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