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Many facets of the Avatar - Part VI

Updated on December 27, 2011

Young baba!

Birth and Death are play to God!

The Avatar descended in this world to confer bliss on humanity who were suffering from anguish and grief! Though his playmates were little aware of the Reality behind the boy Sathyam, yet they enjoyed his presence and companionship very much. Only a few who felt jealous about him acted in a different way. Had they known his glory, they would not have acted like that. Yet, Sathyam was compassionate to the core. He never wished any harm to any till this date. During the later years of Avatar, many newspapers and media spread such vile news about him in order to earn a few more paisa! Once Sathyam told a gathering that there are two kinds of people from ancient days. One who take the name of God to worship, the other take the name of God to abuse him. But both are dear to me. Whether one take the name for worship or abuse, inadvertently he says,the abuser says, "Saibaba has done this, Saibaba has done that!. See how the Avatar reacts to calumny as well as praise.

Sathyam always responded every one as "Yes, Yes, Yes". When some body questioned him how he always remains in Bliss, Sathyam told him, "I allow things to happen in its own stride" and hence I am always in Bliss. But we generally resist every thought or act. Hence we develop hatred and all negative qualities. We have noticed that the rulers construct huge dams preventing the running river from flowing into the sea. What happens is that a great force is developed in the water thus held in the dam. Though it is being used for agriculture and generation of electricity, the idea is that when free flowing nature is obstructed, it creates lot of pressure and some times if the dam is burst due to some mishap, the entire habitats on the down stream would suffer inundation and many houses and lives would perish in the powerful surge of water. Hence we should never resist any body or any thought. Let the thought flow in its own direction and remain unconcerned. This is the meaning in the statement of Sathyam, that "He allows things to happen in its own stride"

Generally He never interfere with Nature or natural calamities. Because there are great lessons awaiting for the deluded mind that every thing here lasts for ever or all joy in the external world is permanent. No. As night follow day, it is impossible to prevent sufferings in human life. At those times, Sathyam used to give the affected persons sane advice how they should treat this passing show. Once the biographer of the Life of Sathya Saibaba came to Puttaparthi. On that day, Saibaba's brother in law has passed away! The entire family of Saibaba were sitting around him and they were wailing bemoaning their fate. When Kasthuri, the biographer approached the scene, he too could not contain his sadness. Seeing his sad face, Saibaba told him, "If there is no birth and death, how I can pass my time? It was authentic affirmation of the incarnation. We human beings can never utter such prophetic words.

I have read one more incidence. When Sathyam was in his teens, a group of people from another place came to take his Dharsan. They had engaged a truck to go there. After taking Dharsan of Sathyam, they were returning. After some time, Sathyam told the devotees there, "Alas! they all have departed! None could surmise the meaning. After some time they came to know that the truck after going a distance fell in an open well and most of the passengers have perished! In those cases, he clearly knew but he allowed things to happen in its own stride. Though he is compassionate, yet some times he develop such detachment and aloofness from the worldly scenes. When he chose to rescue some body in a far away place, he does it perfectly. Neither he is elated nor he is depressed. He maintained the equanimity of the Yogis. Hence none can define him in an ordinary worldly way. His actions are inscrutable. When a great saint, Ramana Maharishi passed away in Thiruvannamalai, Saibaba told the devotees in Puttaparthi that the Maharishi has attained. Several times he used to reveal the death of his devotees instantaneously as such and such has passed away with my name during her last breath. Within a day or two there will be a letter stating that the devotee passed away uttering "Sairam" with her last breath. The incidents are legion. Rest in next part.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      You observe things nicely. Thank you.

    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 6 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      "I allow things to happen in its own stride" and hence I am always in Bliss. This is cent percent correct but very difficult for us to adhere. A beautiful narration about life! voted as beautiful!