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Many facets of the Avatar - Part VIII

Updated on January 1, 2012

Sathyam as a young boy!

The cruel black magician and Sathyam!

When Sathyam was just 14 years, one day he was stung by a black scorpion. Sathyam caught hold of his feet and fell unconscious and he was like that for more than 24 hours. Doctors have given him injections for the poisonous bite. In those regions, people succumb easily to scorpion bite in those days. After a day or two he regained his consciousness but his behavior has changed abruptly. He was repeating stanzas from Sanskrit texts effortlessly. He was hardly a student of 8th standard and he has not studied any scriptures.

At times, he will ask his parents to wave camphor stating that demigods are passing through the sky. Naturally everybody thought this as an act of some spirits. First he was taken to a devotee of Saibaba since Sathyam was often saying that he was Saibaba. Seeing the condition of Sathyam, the devotee told the family that the case is serious and Sathyam’s mind might have deranged. Sathyam asked him, “Who is Mad, you or myself. You don’t know me though you are worshipping me. Then somebody suggested the parents to take him to Kadigachalam, a temple of Lord Narasimha. Sathyam promptly told him, You want to take me to me. Don’t you know? I am the deity in Kadigachalam.

Finding that the sitation warrants treatment from a black magician, Sathyam was taken to a cruel looking Magician. He subjected Sathyam to his cruel treatment. He shaved the head of Sathyam, made two or three knife marks on his scalp and poured acidic fruit juices like lemon. Many pots of water was poured on his head. When Sathyam was unfazed, the cruel magician has prepared a potent ointment from various herbs and applied it to the tender eyes of Sathyam. Due to this the head and face has swollen beyond shape. Profuse tears were coming from his eyes.

When his sister came to check his condition, Sathyam made some signs to her to bring a particular herb as an antidote.When his sister brought it and applied the juice to the eyes, it was restored to normal size. The parents pleaded with the magician to release the custody of Sathyam to them stating that his body is not able to withstand the severe treatment. We will restore his health and bring him, stating this they gave lot of money to him and thus Sathyam was rescued from the magician.

Here, we have to note one point. Unless Sathyam willingly submitted himself to the cruelties of the magician, no force on earth can compel him to their ways. He has never exhibited his Divine powers for his own sake. He showed the devotees how they have to meet ill treatments on the face without any murmur and remain unaffected by the conditions of the body. Until the last breath, he never considered the body as belonging to him. He affirmed several times, he is not the temporary frame called the body but He is the indestructible SELF within. Rest in next part.


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    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 5 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      It's very nice to hear Baba's life history that i didn't hear before. Very interesting to know more. Thanks for your sharing.