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Many facets of the Avatar -Part XII

Updated on December 29, 2011

Sathyam sitting with the statue, with his Mother.

It is irony that when everybody around believed in the Divine powers of Sathyam, the elder brother Seshama Raju thought that the boy is afflicted by some evil spirits. He could not come to turn with the nature of Sathyam. Once, a Municipal Chairman of Bellary told the brother of Sathyam, “Your brother Sathyam is not an ordinary boy. He possesses Divine Powers and nature. Though Seshamaraju was averse to such opinions, but he had respect for the Municipal Chairman. Hence he had not defended his opinions. Somehow everybody felt that a change of place would ease the situation. Hence the Municipal Chairman invited all including Sathyam and his brother for a visit to the famous temple “Virupaksha “.

They all have reached the precincts of the temple and all entered the temple. Sathyam excused himself stating that he is suffering from stomach upset. Everybody went inside and they are looking at the deity at the Sanctum sanctorum. To their astonishment, they found Sathyam standing in the place of the deity and accepting the ceremonial waving of camphor lamp!

His brother thought it is mischief played by Sathyam. Without anybody’s knowledge, Sathyam sleeked into the temple and stands in front of the deity to hoodwink others!. He was upset and hence he sent somebody to look at outside and see whether Sathyam is present there. To the surprise of his brother, Sathyam was leaning against a tree absorbed in himself. Now His brother himself went and verified the fact from outside and went inside. Sathyam was verily found there in the place of deity. While everybody developed reverence and faith in Sathyam, his brother was not impressed?

After the incident, the news spread like wild fire. One day Sathyam went to the School as usual but he returned quickly and he has thrown the bag containing the books inside his brother’s house. Hearing the sound, his sister in law came rushing outside. She saw a glow around Sathyam’s head. He said, “I do not belong to you, My devotees are waiting for me”. The neighbor, a great Pundit came outside hearing the commotion. He too saw the glow around Sathyam’s head. He immediately fell prostrating to Sathyam. The brother was summoned immediately from the School. He came rushing. He heard the news and sent a message to his parents at Puttaparthi to come there immediately.

Sathyam went straight to a garden in the excise Inspector’s bungalow. He sat on a stone. People started gathering in groups. Some were singing Divine songs. Some were reciting chants. Some brought garlands and fruits. Hearing the event a photographer came there with a camera. He wanted to take a photo but a small stone at the bottom was an obstruction. The photographer sought permission to remove the stone but Sathyam said, “Let it remain there. When the film was developed, everybody found a beautiful statue of Shirdi Baba garlanded in place of the crude stone! Meanwhile Sathyam told everyone, “Maya is coming”. Soon his mother entered into the garden with anxiety. Finding Sathyam there, she wanted to feed him first due to her attachment! She spread a leaf and placed various food items she brought. Sathyam mixed everything and made three balls of food. He asked her to serve him. When she handed over the balls to him, he swallowed it and said “Now Maya has gone”. His mother could not understand the meaning. But she pleaded with him to return to Puttaparthi. She promised that none of the family would disturb his mission! Rest in next Part.


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