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Many overseas devotees gather at Prasanthinilayam

Updated on September 27, 2011

Miracles are mere calling cards

When i first visited Puttaparthy for the first time during January 1965, i started exploring the area behind Prasanthi Nilayam, i could spot one or two foreigners going uphills like me. Yes, they braved the severe heat of Puttaparthy and they made themselves comfortable with the meagre basic fecilities that was available there at that time. Only satisfaction for them is they were provided with some private rooms with cement flooring and a bath with closet so that they should not feel lost in the strange place. We stayed in open spaces at the base of trees without bothering about rain or shine. I learnt that one lady was Hilda Charlton who has penned beautiful books on Saibaba. Many more like Howard Murphet and John Hislop joined later. One thing that is assured is a personal talk with Saibaba in the privacy of a room! Baba knew all the people who come there and He knows about their background etc., Though he do not reveal all this, but at times he astonish them with his knowledge of their family and friends, what they have spoken in derison or in hate long ago. Saibaba termed this as "Constant Integrated Awareness". We generally remember only important events of our life like date of marriage, date of employment etc., Baba remembers all events irrespective of their importance. This particular power belongs to the region of Divine. Hence he could easily tell even the innermost secrets of many devotees. Though many were attracted by the miracles initially, later they stayed there to learn spiritual Truths of Life. Baba himself has said, "miracles are mere calling cards! I make you to want from me, the real things which i want to grace you with and not these paltry perishable worldly things. Rest in next hub.

A blissful Saibaba


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