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Many things, money cannot buy!

Updated on September 13, 2014

Illustrations and messages!

There are many things that money can not procure!

No doubt, money is essential for living in this world. Everything on earth comes with a rate tag. Few decades ago, water was available free of cost. Now we have to purchase water cans for drinking and cooking. There is acute water scarcity everywhere. This is the natural result of indiscriminate deforestation for starting industries as well as for timber products. Even for running those industries, they need water but they fail to see it. It is like cutting the hen which lays golden eggs. Man has become so foolish that he destroys the very environment in which he lives. This reminds me of the foolish wood cutter who sits on the end of a branch while cutting it. Ultimately he will fall and fracture his limbs. Yes, I have no intention to deviate from the main theme. Money is really essential to keep us alive and healthy. Yes, the wise question is ‘how much money one really need’? This topic, I had already dealt in one of my hubs. The gist is ‘we should need only that much which is necessary to lead a comfortable life. In a way, it is like choosing the correct size of footwear. If it is one number higher, it will come out while walking. If it one number lower, it will bite your foot. Hence you need money just to fulfill all your basic needs, not more, not less!

I will deal the other topic related to money. “What money can get you? Definitely money can give a whole lot of things available in the market. You can purchase from groceries to dairy products, from toiletries to perfumes. All kind of gadgets we need like the computer, cell phone and kitchen items like fridge, ovens etc. Money can get you home and car. Now the second question is “what money cannot give you? It is good health, a good night sleep, peace of mind and Joy. Once Sathya Saibaba has said, money can get you a cushioned cot but it cannot give you sleep! Many rich people are living in air-conditioned environment. Ask them, whether they are peaceful and happy? They will pour out their woes one by one! His mind will be in boiling state while his body may lie in air conditioned room! Secondly money cannot give you good health. You may go to an expert physician. He may prescribe costly tonics and pills. Yet you will be ill. Thirdly money cannot prevent your death. You may get high class treatment but the Doctors will say, “We have made all our efforts, rest is in the hands of God”. They will never say, “You won’t die! Hence, it is evident that money can buy you comforts and luxuries but not peace of mind or health. Peace is not available in any online stores or local markets. Peace is within each individual. The sad story is that none is able to bring it to the fore due to the mountain loads of cares and worries due to involvement in worldly life. Peace belongs to the Self and not to the mind or body. Peace cannot be secured by logic or arguments. Once a devotee approached Sathya Saibaba and implored him to grant him peace. The devotee said, “I want peace”. Saibaba simply said, remove the “I” and ‘want”. Peace is yours. What is “I”? It is body consciousness and what is want? It is mere desires and ambitions! When you are devoid of ego (body consciousness) and want (desires), peace becomes automatically yours. You need not strain any more. Hence, there are many things which money cannot get you.

Now, the next question is where we can get those things which money cannot procure? These things are related to the Self. Pure selfless Love and compassion is the hallmark of the Self. The Self gives and forgives whereas man gets and forgets! The Self is full of Bliss and you can get any amount of grace from the Self. But it is always full. We have seen that the light flame remains constant even if you light hundreds of lamps from a single flame. The flame never decreases. Likewise, the grace never declines even if it is shared with the entire humanity. It is always FULL. As the level of the ocean never depletes in spite of evaporation from the Sun, so too the Self can give bliss to the entire mankind and yet it will always remain FULL. There is a beautiful proverb I remember to have read. The richest man in the world is the one, who is always content! The poorest man in the world is the one who always wants more!


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