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Marada Jothe Bagina. A South Indian Bramhin's Tradition.

Updated on February 8, 2013
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Turmeric Goddess Gowri's Pooja Completed.She is covered with Flowers.


A All The Married Hindu Lady's Function is Shri.Gowri Festival.


Shri.Swarna Gowri Vrata.{ Shri.Gowri Habba.}

Goddess.Gowri mother of Shri.Ganapathi is worshiped traditionally since centuries in all south Indian Brahmin community homes every year on the day previous to Shri.Ganapathi's festival in most of the homes that of worship of Shri.Ganapathi.and Goddes.Gowri festival is exclusively for only the Married Lady's in the family.unmarried girls can also participate in the worship of Goddes.Gowri or Goddes.Parvathi daughter of Parvata Raja and wife of Lord Shiva Goddes.Gowri or Goddes.Parvathi comes to her parents home each year and Shri.Ganapathi comes on the next day to take her home to Kailash after 15 days.On the day she comes she is being worshiped in each home of brahmin family by every married women..It is not that non Brahmin should not worship as all hindu gods can be worshiped by any one in any place in any country.Goddes.Gowri can also be worshiped by men even though it's is exclusively for woman in India.Men enjoy this function by delicious meal prepared which consists of Bele Holige,Coconut Holige,Huggi,Chitranna and Bajji.

How Do You Worship Shri.Gowri.

Shri Gowri's idol is sold in many shops which is very colorful and pleasing to look at.People purchase these idol bring it home mount it on a silver plate after smearing un cooked rice over which Shri.Gowri is placed on a Mantapa or Table tied with Banana Plant on the front and decorated with flowers and mango leaves on all sides of the Mantapa or Table.Electric color miniature lights are spread over these mango leaves and table as additional decoration to please the little girls and others. Those who have not traditionally done this go to such homes where it is present and do the pooja as per procedure which is guided by the priest who will guide step by step till the end which takes time from 60 to 90 minutes.Those who do not wish to go to do this pooja else where but want to do it in their home make Shri.Gowri using only turmeric powder and placing it similarly like the idol and worship it as per their choice by following the book which explains the procedure or a pre recorded tape or CD which is sold in many shops who sell audio tapes or CD.As part of this pooja married woman referred to as Sumangali's give Bagina as gift to Sumangalies after keeping one set of Bagina to Shri.Gowri to whom they have worshiped.These Bagina's contain such items as turmeric,kunkum,black bangles,black beads symbolizing mangalasutra,bale bichole,a small mirror,a small comb,coconut,blouse piece,dhaniya, (cereal0,rice,toor dal,green dal,jaggary cut in a cube form,wheat,rava all items kept in a mora or a hand winnower made of bamboo and another similor one empty covered by reversing it kept on top of the bottom winnower which is one set kept exclusively to the Goddes.Gowri.The lady's who does the puje of Goddes.Gowri get a thread with 16 knots tied with a flower which again is tied to the sumangali's wrist.and each of the sixteen knots are tied with power mantras during the pooja.Another tradition is the father or brother of the married girl gets as gift money, depending on the wish of the father or brother as to how much money they can spare to the girl.The value is sentimental and any amount received by the girl or the sumangali is valueless.

This Function is followed by one of the biggest festivals in India.

Closed Bagina or Marada Jothe.

The Main Contents inside the Bagina or Marada Jothe.

Further Contents Added.

Coconut a Holy Nut is Compulsory in this Bagina.

Most Important item is Blouse Piece.


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