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March 17th - Day of Green!

Updated on May 9, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

For those of us who don't know this special date (March 17th) it is better known as St. Patrick's Day. This is a day of celebration that occurs around the world in various countries such as Canada, US, Germany, South Korea, Denmark, and the UK to name a few. The most famous of all the countries connected to this day is Ireland because this was where St. Patrick's Day came into being. How did it get started you ask?

Kidnapped by Pirates

Well one story is that there was a young man who was born in Britain in approximately 373 A.D. He was living with his family in a village in Scotland named Old Kilpatrick where there was a water well built in his honor. It was said that he was kidnapped by pirates who took him to Ireland and sold him into slavery. He was a slave for seven years until he finally was able to escape to the north. Eventually he found himself in the north of France while there he found his religion under the teachings of St. Germaine. He had a calling from God at some point in which he was instructed by God to go back to Ireland to convert the pagans to Christians. So he did what God had asked of him and he returned to Ireland where he remained for the rest of his life teaching the ways of the church to the Irish people.

Chased All the Snakes Out of Ireland

St. Patrick was well known for blending his teachings with the Irish beliefs making the transition from Paganism to Christianity easier for the people of Ireland. The best known miracle he performed was when he chased all the snakes out of Ireland through his prayer. Some believe this was a figurative description of driving the paganism (symbol of snake) out of Ireland and replacing with Christianity.

Reforming Pagans into Christians

This Saint did a lot of good for the Irish people such as building schools, monasteries, churches all so the people could learn all about Christianity. He was also responsible for teaching many priests; training them so they could then carry on his mission of reforming Pagans into Christians. When he did finally retire he spent his last years living in County Cork where he died on March 17th 461 A.D.

Green Beer, Cabbage and Corned Beef

Following his death March 17th became an official day of celebration known as St.Patrick's Day. It was a religious holiday that was celebrated with the mindfulness of the beliefs that it was based upon. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in today's society consists of a lot of people dressed in green, drinking green beer, and munching on cabbage and corned beef. St. Patrick's Day parades will be going on all over the world in honor of the special saint the holiday was named after.

First Celebrated

The holiday was first celebrated in Dublin Ireland in 1931. The celebrations are a five day event in Ireland today. The first time St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in the US was in Boston, Massachusetts in 1737.


No matter whether you are Irish or not people from all walks of life enjoy joining in the celebrations. Its fun to have something to celebrate and put our worries aside. St. Patrick's Day is a great time to do this so don't forget to wear green on March 17th and have a Happy St. Patrick Day!

Chased the Snakes

Do you believe that St. Patrick chased all the snakes out of Ireland?

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      6 years ago

      Yes Pam we allways knew St Patrick was born in our village and the well was named after him it was modernized in the fiftys and a drinking fountain put in its place, rather than the iron cup good to celebrate on that day we used to get Shamrock from Ireland at that time.


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