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March 2018 Tarotscopes: Universe’s Message for You

Updated on February 23, 2018
threekeys profile image

Threekeys is a freelance writer and poet who loves burning candles; drinking cafe lattes; and standing under Moreton Bay Fig Trees.


Hello and Welcome

If only….

If only I could walk the halls of the Vatican Library with its two-thousand-year old texts.

If only I could visit those places of antiquity from whence the ancient myths arose about life and love.

We are restricted in varying degrees of where we can go, what we can do and what we can read. The only realm that humans have left to escape to or soar into infinity, is through the faculty of one’s mind and its imagination.

Yet, it seems that with the trend of mapping the human brain and its consciousness together with a lack of a firewall against invasive psychics who thieve your memory banks and intellectual property from the ground upwards, this freedom is being eroded.

Meaning of “Akasha”

The word Akasha means etheric.

The word Akasha means collective consciousness and all that comprises the etheric world.

Madame HP Blavatsky, the cofounder of the Theosophical Society, together with Rudolf Steiner who is the founder of the alternate Steiner School system; and sleeping psychic Edgar Cayce who performed psychic diagnoses and treatments of physical maladies, knew the meaning of the word Akasha- Divine Consciousness and worked with the intention of this inspiring stratum of consciousness. The Akashic tarot deck is about working with the hoped for, stratum of noble consciousness that is symbolized by the Archangel archetype.

Let’s Get Started and See what the Universes Message is for You

In doing this March’s Tarotscopes for your astrological rising sign, I used my new deck, the Akashic Tarot Deck created by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor.

I would like to mention to you I personally don’t believe in Angels or Archangels as entities. However, I believe there could be a stratum of noble consciousness pervading our present existence. You, however, may believe in Angels and Archangels. You may have had a near death experience and seen what life is like on the other side. It doesn’t matter how we get there as long as we get there in understanding and in expansion of heart and mind.

I say, each to their own belief system. We all need to draw strength from somewhere or someone, especially when life gets tough. If it is okay by you I will still continue to mention the words Angels or Archangels in March’s Tarotscopes. I hope that is okay?

Oh yes, and I am excited to see how The Akashic Tarot Deck works for us.

If you are ready, let’s take a look and see what message the Universe has for you this March. If you have any interesting experiences please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.


ARIES -Archangel Gabriel

Aries, Archangel Gabriel stepped forward for you this March.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel that you can draw strength from if you are a Writer (or want to write), Journalist, Blogger, Artist, or communicator of some kind.

This month your inner Muse will be fecund with inspiration and the drive to reconcile.

If you feel you are in a rut? Say “thank you” to Archangel in freeing you and moving you forward in your life.

If you are facing a major challenge, ask Archangel Gabriel to solve it for you. Trust once you have surrendered it to Archangel Gabriel. Then, be alert to the solution. It may come through a car’s number plate, or, an overheard conversation, or a phrase/passage in a book you pick up….

TAURUS-3 Roses

I feel one member of a couple will give you an idea or an inspiration of what to do about your near future. It will tickle you with Joy. It will be both fun and nurturing.

Time spent near water, like a river or a stream, will be so good for you.

The colours teal and soft blue will feel nurturing. See if you can wear these colours, especially this March. You might like to buy an item of clothing/accessory/piece of jewellery that has these colours within them.

You will give yourself an emotional lift if you do more things that are fun! Try.


Gemini, you could experience some sadness or a challenge this March.

The sky is cloudy but it will clear up.

March is the start of a new phase in your life. Someone could literally give birth, or, it could be about a metaphorical birth.

Sort through the sadness or personal challenge and you will unexpectedly find the birth of hope and peace.

You will gain or regain someone/something this month, Gemini.

There is a connection with a female and two children (boy and girl).

This March you will be drawn to focusing on the home, family members, romance and/or a celebration.


CANCER-8 Scrolls

I feel something you have created through your inner creative Muse needs protection.

I feel you have either turned your back on these creative pieces or there is someone who will cunningly steel all that hard work of yours.

However, don’t fret, the good news is, a message will come to you out of the blue to forewarn you. Just be on the alert and be ready to see, hear and feel the message when it arrives.

In March, you will experience unexpected opportunities. You will have the opportunity to go off on a new trajectory. It won’t be familiar but it will make you feel excited and deliver you more opportunities, you may not have had otherwise.

LEO-King Scrolls

Leo, this March, you may realize the past is a treasure trove of clarity. The more you look backwards the greater the clarity about the present together with experiencing a release from an inhibitory circumstance. I feel you already know what to do. You may have already written down a plan of action.

Leo, you will cross paths with someone who has lived out his spiritual values/philosophies and what he shares in conversation with you will release pent up thoughts or new directions for you to follow. This person may be a teacher, or a new subject you pick up on line or it could be through an author of a book.

If you are applying for a new employment position, luck will be on your side if you apply for positions in publishing, counselling, teaching or writing.


In this tarot card I, am drawn to the large Arch window and the surrounding light imprints of those that have passed over/gone before. The Arch window makes me think that there is going to be the moving out of the old and the moving in of the new. This March you will experience your fair share of epiphanies and with that, will come clarity and understanding connected to your past, and/or your family tree.

Applying a scientific, logical, academic approach that focuses on detail will get you much farther this month.

The direction you are looking for will arise out of your rational approach. You will be able to see what is what and the cloudiness will dissolve


LIBRA-4 of Forces

As I gazed over this card’s colours of gold, red and green, the word fire came to mind together with the hidden image of a spider.

Fire to me here, represents one’s inner Muse, one’s creativity and one’s enthusiasm. The more you can bring joy along with you when you are carrying out your project/s, the more productive you will be and the better the result/s you produce this March. Just believe you can. Tie up any loose ends first, then, you will have a clean slate to begin from.

The presence of the hidden Spider? Make sure you and others are upfront with your needs and wants so that no awkward entanglements have the chance to form.

SCORPIO-The Divine Physician

In the centre of this tarot card is a man in a white robe that has the symbol of the caduceus which is the emblem of healing and medicine. The Celts know this man to be Dian Cecht.

With presence of the Divine Physician here, it says to me, that if you call out for healing, healing will come on many different levels That healing may involve self-healers, health care professionals or doing your own self nurturing and care-it lies with you, which avenue you seek.

Or, it could be you act as a catalyst for another’s healing through something you say or just by being fully present.

The Divine Physician’s card is here to remind you that the keys to healing oneself comes through word, thought, belief and feeling.



SAGITTARIUS-Archangel Michael

If you are going through a challenging time and it feels like Murphy’s law in action nearly every day, call upon the noble goodness of consciousness belonging to Archangel Michael. He is of the blue light.

Archangel Michael is the strongest Archangel. He can deal with destructive people or destructive circumstances by subtly putting into action the means for things to right themselves in the best possible way for all. If you have been surrounded by deception or an injustice, call upon Archangel Michael consciousness. Invoke the blue light of Archangel Michael.

(NB. When I first opened up this tarot deck and held the cards in my hands and went to first shuffle them I was pulled to say “in the name of the blue light’. I thought “what am I saying this for?” Had no idea. Then, 18 hours later I learnt that the blue light is the symbol of Archangel Michael. Therefore, to me, this tarot deck will be about his energy or resolving issues that Archangel deals with. That is the Tarot cards dynamic or intention and for me and the cards)


CAPRICORN-4 of Roses

In this 4 of Roses tarot card, we have three gentlemen of a time gone by,

standing side by side in a relaxed manner, facing a large mirror that has an image of another gentleman. The expression of the man in the mirror is one of superiority. This wants me to ask you if you have a male (masculinized female) in your life that is self-centred or thoughtless? Is this person a relationship partner? Family member? Work colleague or Manager?

This self-centred person has no idea about what you feel or need. It is all about this person and how you affect them and what they want.

You silently hope this person will change but they won’t change now or in the future. Therefore, you need to stop and take stock. This thoughtless person wants an enabler. You are only delaying the inevitable.

If you stay in relationship with this person, ask yourself-

*what will you lose, if you continue to be in relationship with this person?

* what have you already lost because of this person?


In the Scribe tarot card we have a group of Scribes writing away. One much older scribe sitting at a high desk while three other Scribes sharing a table to write on.

Scribes of the past were men versed in educated subjects like law, philosophy, history, the holy arts etc.

If you have been thinking about taking a course, your mind and body will be in a receptive state to do this. Or, you might decide to take up teaching yourself a new subject and then teaching the subject to others later on.

Start that blog, write that grant or book. March is a terrific month for you to get started!

The presence of the Scribe indicates that if you haven’t secured a legal representative so far, you will in March.

PISCES-7 of Keys

In the 7 Keys tarot card, we have a man standing confidently on the top of a mountain. A rope lies over his shoulder and down the front of the mountain, showing his difficult ascent.

Have you been thinking about throwing in the towel and giving up? Hold it! Don’t give in! Don’t give up! Success will be yours! You need to be a little more determined and apply a little more effort. The long-awaited promotion will come, the rise in reputation will come or the recognition comes regarding your personal style of creativity. You have worked hard and your time is coming.

Peace and Happiness to You.


Information provided by Threekeys (Charmaine Del-Bianco) is of a general nature and does not take into account your complete personal circumstances. Information provided is not to be relied upon as, nor to be a substitute for, specific professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting on or reframing from action as a result of any information from tarot reading/communications can be accepted.

The Tarot readings are for curiosity and entertainment. No guarantees of any kind are meant to be implied reading a Tarot Reading/communications. The Client has the Free Will to choose. Whether or not they will follow any idea or guidance gained in a Tarot reading. A Tarot reading is not to replace Legal, Health and Financial professional advice. If you feel you need such advice, please consult an appropriate licensed professional. It is taken that you are over 18 years of age.

March's Tarotscopes has

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© 2018 Threekeys


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    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      2 months ago from Australia

      Great of you to come and visit RedElf

      I think always trust your feelings first. You ultimately know what is best for you. You may have an instinctive feel for Feng Shui. This fascinated me for a long period.

    • RedElf profile image


      2 months ago from Canada

      Most interesting - I am not familiar with this deck, but it sounds beautiful. A friend once designed a deck for one of my sister's fantasy novels. Unfortunately, the novel, like the deck is still unfinished. Love the image below your 'Virgo' section. My son is a Virgo, and a similar triangular Celtic symbol forms the top (under a glass plate) of my coffee table. Question - I keep the point towards the wall, as it's always seemed a bit aggressive to have the point facing into the room - should I be facing it the other way - into the room? Just curious...

    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      4 months ago from Australia

      Its great to have the feedback Ioana.

      Tarot can be a wonderful clarifying and supportive tool.

      I am happy this March's Tarotscopes were helpful to you in some way.

      Thank you Ioana.

    • Ioana-R profile image

      Alexa R 

      4 months ago

      I have to admit I am a bit freaked out! I am a Leo and I have applied for a new job position. I am starting on Monday! It is somewhere I will be working with a great teacher I admire and I will be publishing and teaching.

      You are good!

    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      4 months ago from Australia

      You're lucky blue has so many beautiful shades.

      Nice to see you over this way lovetherain:)

    • lovetherain profile image


      4 months ago from Untited States

      Yes, blue is my color! Fun article

    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      4 months ago from Australia

      I appreciate you visiting and taking the time to read this month's tarotscopes, Eric.

      Wish you the best.

    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      4 months ago from Australia

      I hope whatever you are facing works out in the best possible way Elijah.

      The tarot cards can be a wonderful support tool. And it is good to hear this months reading was useful to you.

      Aloha, Elijah

    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      4 months ago from Washington DC

      Being I have 2 birth, the natural in Aquarius and spiritual in Leo, I always look them both over seeking inspiration, They both look like what has recently been happening here on Hubpages. It appears that some I "spar" with are in the process of taking lessons from some of my posts, Aquarius, and Leo has had me looking back to reveal the present. They both are pointing to what began at the turn of the year. Thank you for your encouragement.



    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      4 months ago from Australia

      Thank you for spending time reading this month's 'tarotscopes, Eric.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      4 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      This has been jumping all over me. I got no "get it", It just is.

      Thank you friend "LIBRA-4 of Forces". I am obliged to share.


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