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Marriage Time Prediction

Updated on September 2, 2012

In India especially in Hindu family parents have a strong desire to know when their children will get married and how their continual life will fare. In this regard they often consult astrologer from guidance from time to time.

The saying is that marriages are made in heaven. On the earth they only take place.

This might be true. However, one can understand the anxiety of a parent about his / her life marriageable son / daughter. A learned astrologer who has sound knowledge of his subject and has devoted to it at least ten years and has the ability to use some dasha systems can solve the problems of such parents more easily and even calculate the marriage time, nature of the spouse and their other problem.

This is the horoscope of a girl belongs to a rich family. The native’s father has provided her all the physical comforts and luxuries of wealthy family. As the girl reached marriageable age her father’s anxiety began. A massive campaign was launched by her family to find a suitable boy. A number of offers came in but none could be finalized. Failure in spite of prosperous circumstances cause despair to the rich. Here the problem was of the marriage of a daughter. However, life death, marriage and such miles – stones are covered by the will of god.

One day I met her father at his house. During the conversation, I easily observed that he was mentally disturbed at that time. I asked him about it. He said that he was worried about the marriage of his daughter. I asked for the birth details of his daughter. He gave me the desire data and put remarked that he had consults so many astrologers but nobody had given a desirable result.

Here are the birth particulars:-
Date of birth: - 21, august, 1982
Place of birth: - Jaipur
Time of birth: - 01:03:00

Analyze of cause of delay in marriage
It is the Taurus ascendant horoscope. Its seventh house is accepted by Saturn with third aspect from the fifth house but, it is beneficial for the ascendant. Mars the seventh lord, is placed in the sixth house and is accepted by notorious Rahu from the Kutambh Sudhana

From Navansha:
Navansha ascendant lord Mercury is placed in third house will debilities Moon and is accepted by Rahu. Ketu lagan ascendant is in the axis of Rahu and Ketu and its lord Mercury is placed in the third house with debilities moon. Lagan seventh lord Mars is placed in the seventh house and is associated with Rahu. So the girl’s planetary position indicated late marriage and some complications. But the only good sign is her horoscope is that her seventh house lord Mars is associated with Jupiter. However, this is not enough to arrive at a sound conclusion. It is rather too early to make a remark about her marriage. An experienced should have considered various other astrological facts to reach the final conclusion. So I explained and analyzed her horoscope very minutely and carefully in view of the fact that I had promised to tell her father the time of the ringing oh her wedding bells.

From Upa pada
Upa pada lagan is Libra its lord Venus is placed in between sun and Rahu. Mars is ascendant is placed with gatikark Jupiter. And darakarak sun is accepted by Jupiter and Mars. Seventh house pada is in Virgo which is accepted by so many malefic planets Rahu, Ketu Saturn and gulik

Once again all these conditions cause delay in her marriage. And last from tesik point. In the birth chart vivaha scham Pisces is accepted by Saturn and its lord Jupiter is debilities in the Navansha chart. All these astrological conditions causes delay in her marriage. A question arose in my mind, when her marriage will happen. What is the favorable condition for marriage?

1. Seventh lord Mars associated with Jupiter.
2. Navansha ascendant lord and from seventh both are beneficial planet.
3. From Chandra lagan, seventh lord is Saturn. From Venus it is also seventh lord. And Saturn is very beneficial planet for the Taurus ascendant and is placed in between beneficial planets.
4. In the upa pada Mars and Jupiter are placed in the ascendant, accepted by dwarkark sun
5. Dwarkark Sun is in its own house and is associated with two beneficial planets Moon and Mercury, accepted by Jupiter and seventh lord Mars.

Dasha Operative at the time of marriage:

Vimshotari: Rahu / Rahu 17/09/2005 to 30/05/2008
Chara Dasha: Sagittarius/Leo 19/02/2007 to 20/12/2007

Dasha: - Dasha operating at the time of marriage was Rahu which is accepting seventh lord Mars. Anter Dasha operating was once again Rahu which is natural signification of marriage. Both the seventh lord Mars and Rahu placed in the seventh house of Navansha Chart. Hence the operating dasha and anterdasha are favorable for marriage.

Chara dasha:- Dasha operating at the time of marriage was Sagittarius / Leo. Dwarkark sun accepted the dasha rash lord Jupiter and was associated with Mercury which was seventh lord from Sagittarius.

Transits:- at the time of marriage Jupiter was transmitting her seventh house and Saturn was aspecting her seventh lord mars from cancer. Hence, transits conditions were fulfilled.


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