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Marriage: Traditional vs New-Age and what I learned from the Bible

Updated on January 28, 2016


The typical marriage is one that is conducted in a church, and is usually lead by a pastor or someone who has authority ordains over the marriage. Before I met Rebecca, I had no idea arranging a marriage to be held on a set date at a set place was such a pain in the ass. In order for us to get married (I originally wanted to get married at her church, by her pastor). This normalcy that most of us have become accustomed to or have had our own weddings, is something that I view as conformity. Conformity well the short version, is the following of someone else's ideas, or in most cases submitting to societies beliefs on whatever "they" don't like, thus they have the mass populace conform to this thereby relieving the strain.

Where does your money go? It all goes here into the nice pie chart you see off to your right. Yup that's right must of your money goes into the above categories.

As the next picture just above and to the right of you, shows the marriage of John and Mary Watson from Sherlock Holmes, if any of you Sherlokians (fandom of Sherlock) know how this episode went down there was lots of drama. I've been to countless family weddings, one when I was six ended in a brawl with the husband of the bride beating up the father of the groom cause they had too much to drink. The other incident is too raunchy to put on this hub, lets leave it as its not something any ten-year-old wants to see. This chart and picture aren't meant to sway you to agree or disagree from my opinion, again this is something I recently decided.


Being Saved and what the Bible taught me

I was saved on April 14th, 2015 and my girlfriend witnessed this happen. The very same day I became increasingly interested in the bible, and its correlation between historical events. The first days were difficult, trying to get used to the language and the switching between first and third person dialogue. However I continued to perceiver. Little by little I began to see what the bible was telling me, which before never was very clear to me as I just assumed the bible was mainly stories. My family doesn't really read so much as glance in the vicinity of a bible, which caused me growing up to not have an interest in it.

I started off reading the full bible (which is a mistake). I quickly discovered I didn't know who was who, and where these tribes were located. The information being absorbed was just total chaos and confusion. Later that day I asked my girlfriend which books I should read first where she said, "Start off with Mark, Jacob, and John first then work down the list babe" I thanked her and did as she suggested. I was shocked how fast I got through the books, and this time I actually understood the lust of events as they made logical sense! Upon finishing Mark, I went to John and discovered it sounded like a regurgitation of what was being said earlier. I asked my girlfriend I this true and she said, "No babe, they're perspectives of the disciples of those events, its their view on it" following this explanation I had an ah-ha moment and it clicked. There was no regurgitation, it was different perspectives. My girlfriend is the best, anytime I have questions regarding what I'm reading she clarifies it for me, and makes it more relatable to present day events.



As the generations are replaced by their predecessors, so is societies views on marriage. We all know marriage isn't exclusively to just a man and a woman, but what I'm focusing more on is the actual event itself. Like with anything marriage comes with a price tag, the more you invite and spend the more you'll be reaching into your pocket. This isn't meant to stop you from having your fairly tale wedding complete with a full company of Roman centurion escort, horse drawn carriages, all overlooking a beautiful ocean in the Mediterranean (my cousin did this), if you want to spend an arm and a leg for your wedding then go for it, its your day. We'd all like to say ehhh forget the price, while we drop grands on the dinner table like its free sample Friday. Alas, we won't become the 1% of the world, I'm tempted to rant about my conspiracy theory on that but I won't (least for now).

This may be the first time you hear this but, on my girlfriends' 18th birthday, were going to be getting married at a hotel after our engagement earlier in the day. For several months we've spent organizing our wedding, picking dresses, outfits, suits, dining wear, invitation overview, our setting, our theme, the music we want to play for the dances, what we'll be eating, drinking, etc, etc. This list is mind boggling for just the husband and wife to plan out, even enlisting the help of a friend to be our wedding organizer still brought stress on us. What good is it to have a "perfect day" when you've got no more hair left, since you pulled it all out trying to afford it and pleasing everyone at the same time? Wouldn't it just be easier to go to a courthouse, heck you can bring the vows you were gonna say and have everything done there? Yes you can still look nice just now you wont have to postpone your honeymoon in order to afford your wedding.

I won't delve into too much detail of our financial situation, I'll just be blunt. We don't have a lot of money. I wish we did, its just not in the cards. I'm more than happy with it though, I don't need a fancy wedding to shoe my love for the girl who's brought me so much happiness and joy. Marriage I a jubilant time there's no mistake about that, we as a society have just placed a price tag and associated a game of "Who has the best wedding?" If television has taught me anything and I use that term loosely, is that weddings that are over the top or trying to be perfect end up causing turmoil and drama for everyone involved. No bride wants to just throw her heels like daggers at a disrespected guest, nor does the husband what to beat up the creepier ogling his new wife. There's no need for added stress and anxiety. As I'm getting older I'm realizing more and more the general public is being more consumed by greed and lust, then they are about family and supporting each other. Least that's what I see. When it gets closer to our "I-do" date I'll talk more about why getting a courthouse marriage, is better then the traditional marriage at a church.

As the old saying goes, money isn't everything.


Happy Anniversary

Today is mine and Rebecca's anniversary, so glad to be with her. She's given me all I could ask for. Love you baby!

I sent her this last night:

Last but certainly not least is my girl overall, a beautiful radiant woman who looks good in anything. She make me horny in seconds, and makes me so proud to call her mine. I have a very good feeling our sex life will be the stuff they right in history books. She is the greatest role model for my daughters, and she's a kick ass cook. My girl blogs and writes and reads like a maniac and I find super doper cool. Love you Rebecca have early anniversary :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :)

- James

What type of marriage would you have?

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The Song My Girl Loves :)


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