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Mars in Aquarius Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Our innermost desires are governed by the planet Mars, including desires of a physical nature. Some may assume this area is ruled by the planet Venus, but the Goddess of Love actually has more control over, well, love and the way we react to it. If you were born with Mars in Aquarius, this Aquarian energy will directly affect the way you pursue the object of your desire. To learn more, please read on!

Lots of Desire, Lots Less Focus

Mars in Aquarius has loads of ideas about landing the object of his or her desire. He or she has a strong urge to pursue and conquer. The only problem is, they aren't terribly good at focusing their many ideas and plots into one solid plan that can get the job done. Aquarius is famously flaky and that energy will apply here as well. When Aquarius spots a woman he just has to have, he will formulate an instant, sure-fire plan to win her over. But a few minutes later he'll think of something even better. Followed by another and another. How does one splice so many genius plans into one? Only with great focus, and that is something Aquarius rarely has. If the sun or moon sign has a strong influence over this aspect, that might level the playing court a bit and give them more focus, but if this is the primary ruling aspect things could be tricky.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Actually, it's not just about variety, but rather something new and exciting that has never been experienced before. Don't worry, Mars in Aquarius does not expect you to be a circus act. He or she knows it is difficult to keep them intellectually entertained, and they know they are hard to entertain in other arenas too. They are not trying to be difficult, they are just always looking to learn and do something new. This is one of the few things that can keep their active mind oiled and turning at record speed, which it is always doing. If you want to keep your Aquarius happy, your best bet is introducing variety into your relationship. They won't necessarily leave you if you don't, but they will likely become very bored and dull if they haven't got an expressive outlet of this nature.

Start with the Mind

Mars in Aquarius falls for the mind first, and everything else comes after. If you are interested in an Aquarius Mars sign, you should first try to appeal to their intellect. They are excited by anything new and unknown, and if you can bring up a topic that requires debate, even better. For these folks the mind is the most important aspect of intimacy, because it controls the way we perceive and react to whatever is going on at the time. If you can captivate them mentally, you will have them eating out of the palm of your hand. However, it's worth noting that very, very few people can captivate an Aquarius to this extent. They may find many people interesting, but few are truly intriguing, in their books. But if you do manage to pull off being the latter, they will be very loyal and faithful in all things intimate.


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