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Mars in Aries Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

Mars is the planet that rules the way we behave in terms of the physical expression of love, while Venus is the ruler of the way we are in terms of romance. If you were born with Mars in Aries, that fiery energy will determine the way you pursue the physical aspects of your love life. Intimacy will be highly affected by this. To learn more about these influences, please read on!

Super Strong Mojo!

Firstly, let me just say that Aries is ruled by Mars, so this is a very powerful location for this astrological aspect. As an Aries myself, I know of what I speak! But this isn't about your sun sign personality, this is about how you are in terms of intimacy. Bestowed with a heavy dose of Mars energy and fire, you will pursue the physical with enthusiasm and great gusto. You will have the ability to sweep the object of your affection right off their feet and leave them totally breathless for weeks afterward. Your partner will be utterly amazed by your determination, once you've made up your mind to have them.


Easily Bored

Eager as Mars in Aries is to pursue their heart's desire, they almost enjoy the chase more than the capture. It is absolutely essential that the person being pursued give a good enough chase to keep Aries' interest levels piqued. If it becomes too easy to catch you, they will get bored and move on to someone else. Sad, but true! This also applies to anyone they are already in a relationship with -- you should always strive to keep things new and exciting, lest Aries start to crave that feeling of giving chase again, as they could become distracted by the next pretty face running by. They are not willfully disloyal, but they do need someone who will keep things interesting.

Whirlwind of Emotions

Mars in Aries brings a lot of strong emotion to the boudoir. They may seem aggressive and passionate one minute, tender the next, and possibly even naive and wondrous later still. All of these emotions are very important in terms of being able to express themselves fully, and when it comes to physical intimacy, emotion is very important to Aries. It will be equally important to them that you express yours as well, as they do not want to feel like someone is just going through the motions. Whether or not Aries still expresses these sentiments the next morning will depend upon many factors, but for those moments of passion, they are absolutely essential in every way.


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