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Mars in Gemini Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Mars is the planet that rules the way we behave in terms of physical intimacy. This is not to be confused with the way we fall in love, as that is ruled by the planet Venus. Though you could say that Mars represents the more primal aspects concerning the physical expression of love. Venus is the Goddess of Love, while Mars is the God of War, and ruler of the sun sign Aries, so you can probably already see how different these aspects are going to be. If you've got Mars in Gemini, please continue reading below!

Creativity is Key

Mars in Gemini is an innovative person and they will need to constantly be changing things up in the boudoir. If things are always the same, they will become very, very bored and this is when they are most susceptible to other temptations. If you are someone who doesn't enjoy experiencing new things on a daily basis, this sign is probably not going to be a great match for you. But if you have loads of enthusiasm and are not a creature of habit, this Mars sign could really bring a lot of excitement to your relationship in this aspect.


Psychological vs. Physical

In addition to what I've already said above, let me just point out that keeping things exciting for Mars in Gemini doesn't necessarily mean you've got to dress up in costumes every day, or swing from the chandeliers. Gemini is a very cerebral sign, and if you use your imagination you could really knock them out with some psychological flirting. They respond well to words, and the things you say to them in the heat of the moment could be more powerful for them than anything else you could imagine. Also, Gemini is pretty willing to discuss these things, and if you're not sure what would make them happiest, you could probably just ask them!

Keep the Mood Light

Mars in Gemini is not the deeply expressive Romeo type. They may have other aspects in their natal charts that allow them to be, but they are not this way in general. They are actually quite the opposite. They are playful, exciting, quick to change their minds, opinions and everything else. They will not be drawn to people who need a deeply profound experience in the boudoir, such as Venus in Pisces. They will be drawn to those who want to experience the physical aspects of intimacy in a playful and creative way, which may or may not lead to anything serious down the road.


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