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Mars in Sagittarius Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

The planet which drives our wants and desires, including those of an intimate nature, is Mars. This is not the planet that rules the way we behave in love, as that is Venus' job. If you've got a Mars in Sagittarius placement, this will be the primary influence that affects the way you pursue the things, and people, you desire most. For more information, please continue reading below!

Passionate, Yet Playful

Mars in Sagittarius approaches things from an angle of exploring and having fun. They have a lot of energy and enjoy new things, and they enjoy them that much more when they are coupled with a like-minded person who shares their enthusiasm. They are not passionate in the way you'd expect an Aries or Scorpio to be, but this is a fire sign after all, and the passion is stronger here than it is with many other signs. And they can become bored and disenchanted when there is nothing left to explore, so if you're the partner of one of these folks, try to spice things up when you can -- they will be very appreciative of your efforts.


Not Easily Dissuaded

Mars in Sagittarius isn't an overtly aggressive character, but they are not easily dissuaded by things like rejection. If they think they can win you over, they will continue to pursue you until the cows come home. And they are not easily offended, either. If you flat out turn them down, they will shrug it off and put it down to the fact you simply haven't been exposed to them enough and need time to see how perfect they are for you. They will approach you both with passion and logic, explaining in a vivid, detailed manner why they are the best person for you. This may seem like a waste of time, pursuing those who may not be interested, but the truth is, this method often wins the other person over. Eventually, at least!

Mind Your Heart

While it's certainly sure to be a passionate affair, it would be unwise to fall head over heels in love with Mars in Sagittarius until you are sure they have done so with you first. Why? Because this sign isn't known for faithfulness -- nor is the sun sign Sagittarius, in general. It's not that they are incapable of loyalty and being faithful. They are. It's just that they are carefree spirits who are usually just trying to experience life to the fullest and they don't put a great deal of thought into the practical aspects of things like love. If they feel something for you, they will pursue you. If you enjoy each others company, they will continue to pursue you. But they will not commit fully unless they are sure there is no one else worth pursuing, as well. Fortunately, they are very blunt and honest, so if you're in doubt of where your relationship is headed, simply ask!


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