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Mars in Taurus Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

While Venus is the ruler of romance, Mars is the ruling planet of the physical expression of love and intimacy. If you have Mars in Taurus, this is the energy you will bring to your romantic encounters. It will affect the way you interact with your partner and it will determine the personal style with which you express yourself. To learn more, please keep reading!

Earthy Pleasures

Mars in Taurus is a very grounded individual who enjoys the finer, tangible pleasures in life. This is carried over into their physical relationships as well, as they will have a very strong need for intimacy. They are not at all selfish and will be as giving as anyone can be, but they will absolutely expect this part of the relationship to be well-maintained. If it is not, they will start to view the relationship as unbalanced and they may actively begin to pursue a partner who is more on their level in terms of how they view intimacy. This is not a want, but an absolute need.


The Finer Things

Mars in Taurus likes to surround themselves with possessions that reflect their fine taste. This extends, to some degree, to their intimate partners. You are a reflection of them and their personal taste and while this can be said of most people, to some degree, Mars in Taurus views you more possessively than most. They will feel as though you belong to them, and they will expect total loyalty from you. They are loyal in return, and they are very good at providing a stable environment and nurturing emotions. But it is absolutely essential that you fulfill your role in terms of providing them with the level of intimacy they need, or they will feel neglected and this will lead to resentment on many levels.

Jealousy Times Two!

Mars is the God of War, and has plenty of jealousy issues all on his own. Add to that Taurus' natural jealous streak and, well, I'm sure you can do the math. These people are not usually unreasonably jealous and most will not go off the deep end without provocation, but they all have the capacity for strong bouts of jealousy. You will not want to tease or play with Taurus' pride or ego when it comes to affairs of the heart, and you will not want to intentionally play games with things like intimacy. They will not appreciate it, and they are very unlikely to ever forgive you, if you do. Grudges last for a very long time with these folks and once they stop trusting you, that is pretty much all she wrote.


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