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Mars in Virgo Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

The intimate moments of our relationships are governed by the planet Mars, because this is the planet that rules all of our desires. Venus rules the way we love, but I think we all know the two are separate things which may or may not gel, depending on the relationship itself. If you were born with Mars in Virgo, this energy is what will color your intimate desires. To learn more about these aspects, please see below!

Nitpicking Nancy!

Virgo is a very critical sign, and Mars in Virgo will share some of these characteristics. Virgo is not going to be indiscriminate and bring any old person home from the local pub. No, no. Virgo knows exactly what they want in partner, whether it be for the long term or the short term. They are extremely unlikely to settle or lower their expectations for anyone, which often results in them being single for long periods of time as they wait for someone who fits the bill. That said, these folks aren't likely to engage in one night stands, possibly because they need more time to be sure someone is the right match for them.


Silently Devoted

Mars in Virgo is not the sort to wax sweet words of affection in the boudoir. Nor are they highly demonstrative of such affections, in the way Leo or Aries might be. They are the exact opposite, as it happens, and they may even seem disinterested altogether on some occasions. It is important to note that this is likely not the case, as Virgo would not waste time with someone they weren't sure they were totally into. They simply aren't people who go to obvious lengths to make their attraction or feelings known. But if you sit down and think about it for a moment, you will realize that Virgo probably does a million little things for you that you've been taking for granted. And THIS is how they express themselves -- by taking care of you indirectly and making sure you have everything you need. And while they may not be extremely overt about their attraction to you, if you think about it, the little things they always remember and the little things they do every time you're together, should make it clear that they actually give you rather high priority.

Laid Back

Mars in Virgo does not express him or herself with the flair of Aries of the power of Scorpio. These are laid back people who do not enjoy drama or constant ups and downs. They prefer to have a set power dynamic and they will not be keen to experiment with the uncommon or unusual. These are very analytical people who do not express themselves explosively or hysterically. Depending on other aspects in their charts, they may be capable of things on occasion, but it's unlikely they will do so in the boudoir. They prefer a partner who is on the same page, as anyone prone to drama would leave them feeling uncertain and insecure, and they do not cope with these emotions well -- which is why they are so picky and take their time selecting a partner with the correct personality to begin with.


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