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Marshmallows and Faith

Updated on January 1, 2013

Here’s something for moms…

It was a normal routine morning of getting up and starting the day. The oldest was off to school early and after dropping off my four year old at Pre-K, I decided to stop by the store and pick up a few groceries. My 2 year old and I returned home and I began putting things away. Now I know how much my little one loves marshmallows. So, baby girl came to me and said, “Mommy, I want some marshmallows.” I had to stop and think for a moment because I didn’t recall buying marshmallows this time. I told her that we didn’t have any marshmallows and continued to put the groceries away. A few moments later, she came to me again and said, “Mommy, I want some marshmallows.” As moms, we learn that whenever our children come to us persistently about a matter, it then requires our full attention. I looked down at her and said, “Sweetie, mommy didn’t buy any marshmallows today.” Pointing in the direction of the groceries on the floor, she looked up at me with those little innocent eyes and replied, “They’re in the bag.” In my mind, I wondered what could she be referring to. So I told her to go and get them. She turned and quickly moved to grab a bag to bring to me. When I looked inside the bag and realized what she thought was marshmallows, I almost couldn’t contain myself with laughter. I did hold back because I didn’t want her to feel hurt or embarrassed. My little pookie brought me the bag with the cotton balls inside! Of course, I had to explain to her the difference between the two items. I could see her disappointment, so I offered her another treat which she willingly accepted. I just couldn’t help but to think how sincere and pure her thoughts and actions were towards something that she really believed. And even when she didn’t get exactly what she wanted, she trusted mommy enough to accept something else. It just makes me wonder how many of us truly have that child-like faith.

I know that for quite some time I had trouble understanding faith and belief as a new Christian. I knew that I had accepted Christ by faith but how was that same faith to be applied to the rest of my life. In the beginning, I prayed and received answers almost immediately. Sometimes, I prayed and the answer came but was delayed or I received something else instead. Then, there were times I prayed, fasted and pressed into God and didn’t receive what I desired. So, I began to question my level of faith (Did I need more?), my formula for faith (I did everything that I was suppose to do.) and the object of my faith (I told God specifically what I wanted). One day while driving, I remember thinking heavily on this matter. I was just about to make a left turn off the street when these words came to me, “Faith is trusting God regardless of the situation. It’s always easier to believe God when things are going our way than when they are not.” Could it be that God knows better than us what we need, when we need it and how we need it? Maybe He wants us to trust Him just because of who He is and not because of what He can do. I learned that we must place our faith in Christ alone and not in the circumstances. Now, I understand that it isn’t necessarily my level of faith that matters because God’s Word tells me that if I have the faith as a grain of mustard seed, I can move mountains (Matthew 17:20). It’s not about a formula of faith because His Word tells me to simply just ask in faith (James1:6). However, my faith no longer lies in the desires of my heart but in the Christ who has the power to grant those desires. (Psalms 37:4).

Yes, there are some things that I’ve learned from my children. First, for the things that I’m believing God for, I need to become as a child and seek Him with a pure, humble and obedient heart. Secondly, unless God, my authority tells me otherwise, I must keep believing in what he has placed inside of me and most importantly, when He gives me an answer, trust Him enough to accept it.

Imagine that… Marshmallows, cotton balls and faith.


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    • Tracy K. profile image

      Tracy K. 5 years ago

      I completely agree. Some things we come to understand with time and maturity in Christ.

    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Truly amazing what He uses to get a point across to us.

      It did take me years after salvation to develop that "child-like" faith. When I was younger I really didn't understand fully, but with trials and tests my faith was molded into the innocent faith. Its almost like He sends tests our way to really believe in Him and The Word. Kinda like a heart check.