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Material Vs Spiritual

Updated on September 27, 2011

Can a human being live happily with material wealth?

The question that haunts the human society from time immemorial is, 'whether money can give all happiness in life? It is rather a tough question to answer. In the current age, people believe that money can give happiness to them. That is the reason behind the rat race in which man is involved. People from the lowest strata of society to business tycoons , every body toils the entire day to get extra money by hook or crook. None is satisfied with what they have or what they hoard. We witness the scenes of poverty in every day media. Be it Somalia or any other worst affected countries, we just view them and either pity them or make some sarcastic remarks about the rulers of those nations. Many Governments are wasting a huge chunk of their budgetary allocations in space exploration. None seems to bother to satiate the hunger of the poorest of the poor but wasting billions of Dollars in rockets and fuels. A fraction of that amount spent on such vain pursuits can save millions of babies from malnutrition. Also the major nations are spending a sizable portion of their budget in unsolicited wars in alien territories. First priority is Food, Water, cloth, medicines and coverings to safeguard from cold weather. Definitely the wealthy nations and wealthy business communities can erase poverty and malnutrition from the earth. Greed is the only reason why they do not attempt it.

Now coming to the spiritual part, whether those who hoard wealth are happy? But our experience is contrary. Wealthy people have more problems than the havenots. They have to safe guard their money from tax people, theft, relatives, friends and other unknown sources. Our life on this earth do not depend on money alone. Relationships, friendship, comradeship counts. Even the richest man can not heal himself from ill health, even if he spends a fortune. Though material is essential for living, spirituality is essential for Life. When we walk, we use both the legs. Likewise in this world both material and spirituality are essential ingredients.Why people go for yoga or meditation classes? Due to stress alone. Stress builds up when we consider ourselves limited to a body/mind complex. We do not relate to other human beings excepting our own kith and kin. But the Self or Soul penetrates all and it is a common factor for the living beings. This Self is nothing but the Universal Self which connects all through a common bond like a father with his children. God is the sole provider for the entire creation. Scriptures teach us to Love all and serve all and to remain content with what we are blessed with. If contentment rules the world, entire human race can remain in peace and happiness. Unity is the missing factor in the correct world. Though there are outer differences like, nationality, religion, language etc., fundamentally are are ONE only. With the intellect we possess, each one can discover within whether materialism or sacrifice is a source of pleasure.Sacrifice alone can grant you immortality and not the wealth, position,progeny or fame or work. Rest in next hub.

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