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Materialism and spiritualism are the two feet of every one.

Updated on December 13, 2013

Spirituality is behind everything in life!

Materialism alone is not enough for life!

Materialism and spiritualism should go hand in hand, if man wants to lead a peaceful and happy life. Pursuing only materialism will land in deep morass. For walking, we need to move both the feet. Otherwise, we will have to limp. For human life on earth both are very essential. It is the creator God who has manifested everything for our sake. He has provided the wherewithal to live. He has given us hunger as well as food. He has provided us water to quench our thirst. He has provided beautiful natural sceneries for us to visualize. Many birds have pleasant voice and we would like to hear the voice of the birds like the coocoo.. When god has provided the beautiful world and the senses for us to observe the world, how can we become ungrateful by not even recognizing him?

Agnostics may aver that the world is in place due to ‘big bang theory’ and not due to god. For them, god never exists. As a saner human being, we should thank the one who has enabled to live this beautiful life. Eyes are given to us to enjoy nature and its varied forms like the hills and valleys, lakes and glaciers, the greeneries as well as the desert sand. In fact, contradictions make our life pleasant. If there is no alternating joy and sorrow, we will not be able to appreciate joy. Day and night alters in regular intervals. Every thing has been created only for the benefit of human beings. But we should never remain content by leading a mundane life like the animal species. Eating, drinking and sleeping are common to all the species. Man alone has the capacity to think, reason out and choose a task to perform. He can remain idle or reach the pinnacle of glory by his sustained and intelligent work.

We praise Ford and Bill gates to day. They were all like you and me. But they pooled their energy in single focus, ventured into business and raised to the top of the business world. It is not that they have not tasted failure. None can succeed without failure! But they were not afraid of risks and failure. Today in the automobile world, Ford has earned a very good name and a brand name. When computers were unheard of, Bill gates ventured into the risky market of software systems. To day, Microsoft is a house hold name wherever there is a PC or laptop. It is sheer grit and determination which made them business magnets. But they were not atheists in the true sense. Because of compassion towards the poor people, Ford Foundation and Gates and Melinda foundation is in place. The foundations spend several million dollars for eradication of Aids and HIV. When there is compassion in the heart, they are definitely god loving people. The hearts of rationalists are mostly dry. Why? They give more work to the brain than the heart. Love and compassion has no meaning for rationalists. But, the god-fearing man nurture compassion towards other human beings since he has understood the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man.

Before venturing into philanthropy, Ford was concentrating only on his automobile business without rest. Due to the tensions prevailing in the business, he was bed ridden at the age of 45 years or so. The Doctors have predicted that his longevity is in question. This sudden announcement sets him into thinking. Thus born, the Ford foundation, to cater to the needs of poor people in society. Miraculously, Ford survived the catastrophe and lived for many years more. How this miracle happened? Previously, Ford has no other thought than improving his business and sales. Now his eyes fell on society. He pondered, ‘what is the use of earning millions of dollars without peace or happiness? He got real happiness while helping others, while allocating a considerable portion of his profit for philanthropy! That is why, the emphasis is that we should develop spirituality or spiritual thoughts even while we pursue worldly ambitions!


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