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Materialism rules the roost in the world now!

Updated on June 23, 2016

After money comes recognition

Money, respect and recognition!

Rupee, respect and recognition seem to be the aim of majority of people. Once a man earns rupee, respect and recognitions comes easily. Without rupee, none will recognize us, be them even the closest relations. In this dark age of Kaliyuga, money is the password for many things. Without that password, one cannot get in anywhere! From the basic necessities which are required for survival, to the costliest acquisitions and luxury, money is the base! One need not be an intellectual to earn money. Even illiterates, who can’t sign even a cheque have become billionaires! This is the nature of present age!

In previous aeon, morality and righteousness had values in society. People respected the virtuous and honest. Hence most of the leaders and Kings were honest and upright. They treated their citizens as their own and ensured overall welfare of all. But nowadays, the very mention of moral and honesty has become anathema to many. In every office, some officers hold authority and naturally, the common public need to meet such authorities for redressal of their problems. Taking advantage of such clout, many of the officers and sub staff demand money to facilitate quick solutions. This is how corruption has entered the corridors of power. In India this anomaly is termed as “License control and quota raj”. Hence many political leaders and bureaucrats have become millionaires and multi-millionaires within a short phase of time. This has become a common feature in many countries around the world and even in Communist countries; media has exposed the fraud of many high ups. Whereas the CPPC has dealt with such offenders ruthlessly, in India, the prosecution of such corrupt people takes decades and mostly the offenders’ escape through the loop holes in law!

Things money can't buy!

The present condition of humanity is written in the ancient Purana!

These pitiable conditions of the Dark Age had been predicted many thousands of years ago in the Bagawata Purana! All the maladies that affect the people of this age have been outlined very clearly by the sage Valmiki in the above scripture! This could also be co-related to the planetary positions of the present time. In fact, the positioning of certain major planets denotes the conclusion of one era and the beginning of the next. But in the recent past, many soothsayers from the West have predicted a major overhaul of the earth and transformation of the mind set of people within a few years from now! Even the sufferings undergone by many innocents throughout the world foretell such future! The intense sufferings reveal that the evil has almost peaked and there is no further space for its rise. At the end of dark tunnel, there will be light! This is what is going to happen. Several sages are working incognito to usher the light age now. Many Light workers are on the job around the globe. The occasional revealing of such people portends a glorious future for earth and human race.

Nostradamus predicted based on planetary positions!

Planetary positions and the conditions of the world!

Of course, when global cleansing takes place, there will be loss of life everywhere. It is like the Chemotherapy treatment of Cancer. When the malignant cells are destroyed, the nearby cells which are good also get destroyed in this process. The creator is full of love and compassion towards the erring humanity. Hence he chose to teach each individual by subjecting them to varied experiences of both pain and pleasure. In fact, “pleasure is the interval between two pains”. It is like the rise and fall of the waves of ocean. We invariably witness the phenomena that every rising wave ultimately falls down. Each advancing wave recedes from the shore. Nothing is permanent or constant in this mysterious creation. Wellness and illness, prosperity and poverty, joy and grief always alternates. Our ancients have linked the movement of planets in space to the effects on each individual. Astrology is a mystic subject. The real problem is we do not find experts in the field of astrology. In ancient time, astrologers used to predict events correctly since they were egoless and selfless!

Nowadays astrology has become a commercial venue. With the help of internet, astrological sites abound everywhere in the web. Hence it has become easier for them to garner money by bogus predictions. The real astrologer is in tune with the cosmic principle. He gets intuitions and inspirations while exploring the planets in heaven. Each Nation and country is governed by the mystical planets in heaven. Like individual predictions, the time of formation of a country plays an important role in the fortunes and prosperity of that country. We witness that few countries are often afflicted by natural calamities, wars and famine. Like Indonesia, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and several African countries are affected by lack of genuine and true leaders. The frequent wars made the life of citizens miserable! This could be attributed to the geographical positions in which those countries are situated and the present planetary combinations.

Moral Education is a must!

Children can learn well and imbibe morals quickly!

No doubt, each country is affected severely by many problems due to global terrorism, rising prices of essential commodities, misuse of natural resources and ecological imbalances. Morality, Righteousness coupled with human virtues like, Truth, Peace and non-violence are the antidotes for the present conditions of world! From childhood, one needs to be trained in moral values and righteous behavior. It is difficult to correct the mindset of elders who are habituated in some deep rooted propensities! The mind of children is tender and it can be molded in virtues easily. Hence along with secular education, all children and students must be trained in spirituality and culture!

Terrorism is like the growth of cancerous cells in human body. Hence the treatment is prolonged and costly. Instead of spending trillions of dollars in exploring the space, the investment in the education sector will bear fruit. Secular and spiritual education is like the two legs of a man. Both are essential for the overall peace and harmony of the world!


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