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Mathematical Miracles in Quran

Updated on October 20, 2009



There are many examples of this fascinating Quranic aspect. One example of this is the number of repetitions of certain words in the Quran. Some of the examples are given below:

  • ± The statement of "Seven Heavens" is repeated 7 times. The creation of the Heavens (Khalq-as-Samawat) is also repeated for 7 times.
  • ± Day (yowm) is repeated 365 times in singular form, while its plural & dual forms (day i.e. ayyam & yawwaym) together are repeated 30 times. The number of repetitions of the word "Month" (Shahar) is 12.
  • ± The number of times the words "World" (Dunya) & "Hereafter" (Akhirat) are repeated is also the same i.e. 15.
  • ± The word Satan (Shaitan) is used 88 times, as the word Angles (Malika).
  • ± The word faith (Iman) is repeated 25 times throughout the Quran as is also the word infidelity (kufr).
  • ± The words "Paradise" & "Hell" are each repeated 77 times.
  • ± The word "Zakat" is repeated 32 times & no of repetition of word "Blessing" (Barkah) is also 32.
  • ± The words "summer-hot" & "winter-cold" both are repeated for 5 times.
  • ± Reward "air" and "action" (feil) are both repeated 107 times.
  • ± The words women & Men each 23 times that is also showing the number of chromosomes.
  • ± The words "trouble" & "peace" repeated each for 13 times.

"Will they not ponder the Quran? If it had been from other than Allah, they would have found many inconsistencies in it."

(Al-Quran, 4:82)


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    • nilum profile image

      nilum 8 years ago

      May God Bless You

    • buraq profile image

      buraq 8 years ago from Vaniyambadi

      *The word "day" occurs throughout the entire Quran 365 times.

      *The word "month" occurs throughout the entire Quran 12 times.

      *The mathematical structure of the the Quran is based on the number 19, which represents God as the Alpha (1) and the Omega (9).

      *The Quran consists of 114 chapters, which is 19 x 6.

      *The total number of verses in the Quran is 6346, or 19 x 334. Note that 6 + 3 + 4 + 6 = 19.

      *The word ALLAH occurs in the Quran 2698 times, and this number equals 19 x 142.

      *The word "Quran" is mentioned in the Quran 57 times.

      *The first chapter revealed (Sura 96) consists of 19 verses.

      *This first chapter revealed is placed atop the last 19 chapters.

      *This chapter also consists of 304 letters, or 19 x 16.

      There are many-many more proof about the truthness. The holy quran since 1400 years of its advent is still newer, and its deeper more than what we find. The more we search something new is discovered, this is the beauty of Holy Quran. Subhaan Allah !!

    • nilum profile image

      nilum 8 years ago


      My Pleasure to share !!

      Rehma Jamshed

      Thanks !!

    • Rehma Jamshed profile image

      Sabina Jamshed 8 years ago

      Keep it up!!

    • jxb7076 profile image

      James Brown 8 years ago from United States of America

      That was great information. I started reading the Quran but never finished. You hub inspired me to complete my study. Thanks for sharing.

    • nilum profile image

      nilum 8 years ago

      Thank U again Philipo

    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 8 years ago from Nigeria

      Well researched.