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The signs of the times: as written in Matthew's 24 chapter.

Updated on June 24, 2014

The prophesies of Jesus from the gospel of Matthew chapter 24

For many will come ‘in’ My Name and deceive many.

Wars and rumors of wars.

Nation shall rise against nation.

And these shall be only the beginning of sorrows.

And tribulation shall come and killing of His people.

And betrayal shall come.

False prophets shall rise.

And since lawlessness shall abound the love of many shall grow cold.

And the gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to all the world.

And then the mysterious abomination of desolation shall be in the holy place.

Praise you in the storm by Casting Crown

A reflection

The second coming of Christ was prophesied by Jesus even before He died, before He ascended to Heaven. He like any King, often found interest in stealing away to talk to His Father in Heaven. He had the ability to walk amidst a mobbing crowd. To discern the thoughts of man and to know what was in man. And He even walked beside Mary and Mary Magdalene enjoying their presence in complete anonymity… And He spoke with authority, making a man’s heart burn for Truth.

And unless those days shall be shortened… For imagine even God must shorten the days… For even a living, loving, compassionate Father above must shorten the days. For if our coming King knew not when His Second Return was imagine His fervor for us to be ready for the sake of His Kingdom… For the sake of those lost. For the sake of the pain of His Father’s heart? A sighing, dying, crying world who awaits a great judgment and more pain and suffering and gnashing of teeth in a place not designed for humans at all… But for a liar who has blinded the whole world that fell from Heaven like lightening.

Original poetry by David Lopez

And where is He?

Where is this One called who cometh?

Where is this Thief in the night.

And if it is night, don’t all like virgins sleep?

And if we like those who dream,

slumber amidst this dark night,

what of us when we wake to see Him
face to Face?

And if we wake, what of those whom we love?

Those we neglected to speak to.

And those dreams we learned to linger

in our mind as we took a lesser life,

a lesser call,

a lesser lifestyle…

And blood rich hands,

do they register in us

like once when sin penetrated our conscious

and pricked our hearts?

Now a dullness.

Now a nudge.

Now a knock.

A slight stirring.

And eyes which see not.

Nakedness goes unclothed.

Poverty lay in our hands like riches.

We have the burden of change,

and no true rejoicing.

We know it is soon

and yet our eyes

have turned to our cares.

Evangelism to a distant wish

to wander from our daily activities.

We linger in a dance meant for lukewarmness.

Pat Robertson

Hal Lindsay

Fling wide: Misty Edwards

Final thoughts

Prayer: Holy Spirit anoint us to know and discern and to protect us from any falsehood and lies.

Sinner’s prayer: Dear Lord, I ask You to forgive my sin and save me. I believe You died on a cross for my sins. Please help me where I am and take me where You are after I die to Heaven.

Our heart’s cry: For God through His Spirit in the Name of Jesus to draw the lost to Him.

Plan: Find a good local church. Read your Bible daily. Pray.


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