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May God Bless Westview Baptist Church in Tallapoosa, Georgia

Updated on November 13, 2013

My Son Loved You, West View Missionary Baptist Church

Scott my son left this world in December 16, 2009 and joined his Father in heaven.  He was tragically killed in a train accident,
Scott my son left this world in December 16, 2009 and joined his Father in heaven. He was tragically killed in a train accident,
My son started out loving to fish, and before he left this world as an adult; he loved this church. You will always be remembered.
My son started out loving to fish, and before he left this world as an adult; he loved this church. You will always be remembered.

Faith Reaches Out To A Family 900 Miles Away

This church has been on my mind for almost two years. I had not a lot, because I was retired on social security and it was the Christmas season, and I remember that day well. I got a knock at my door and a police officer stood there in my face, and said Mame your son is dead. I looked him in the face and said, "no he is not. He is in his room". The officer said not that son, and he went on to say my son in Georgia died in an accident. I am thinking oh my it is a car accident. Then he further added the words that he was killed in a car accident with a train. The train hit him doing 60 miles an hour in the middle of town. His car flipped 5 times. I am thinking to myself in numbness that I had lost my son. I never thought of losing him this way. My son was a heart patient and had previously had up to 8 stents in his heart, and finally he had open heart bypass surgery. It was always on our mind that he could die on us and leave two little girls. I swear it does not matter in your heart whether or not the son you raised was one you gave birth to him, but it mattered that I loved him dearly. I think back on that day and how I was feeling. I knew we had to get to my son to take care of his funeral and try to help with his children. They would be devastated, and I was just stunned and hopeless. I was told to call his pastor at West View Missionary Baptist Church and I did. I explained how broke we were and how we had no way to get to Georgia to my son. Pastor said to me that I will go to the elders of the church. Before that day was over, my son's pastor had arranged to get us to Georgia. Not only did he arrange that but he made sure Scott my son could be buried in a burial plot somewhere in Tallapoosa, Ga. I never saw a church so loving as they were to us that day we came to Tallapoosa. That was the hardest time for us, but they all showed us love and compassion as we thought of our son and his daughters. They were little ,and we knew would be absolutely in shock. Their dad flipped so many times that we could not open his casket.

I visited the hospital where my son was taken, after the train hit him, and he was dying. I thought he would have died right there, but no he did not. They had to take him to the hospital, because of all things his heart was still beating. A heart that had under gone bypass surgery and 8 stents. I would lose count at how many times , as he was taken by ambulance to Bremen, Ga for his heart. The train hit my son in Bremen right in the middle of the town. The nurse I spoke to there at the hospital was the same nurse that hit my son in the chest trying to jump start his heart several years ago as she said. It was ironic that the same person was there for him, when he died in the emergency room. It was one of the first trips when his heart stopped that I will tell you why this church means so much to us.

About 6 years ago, my son started to have a heart attack. His heart I think stopped, and they had to give him CPR to get it beating. He was transported to a hospital, My son on arrival asked for a preacher. There just so happened to be one there. He was visiting with a congregational member who was sick in the hospital. The pastor found his way to my son's room and he asked my son, if he was saved. My son looked at him and said h... no. He said do you want to be? My son said yes. At that moment he died for 5 minutes. He said to me that changed his life forever. He was in a room of bright light looking down on everyone working on his body, and he said he could see them trying to get his heart started again. After 5 minutes of trying, then Scott heard a voice in the light tell him, "son go back it is not your time." So my son came back to his body and his heart started beating again. From that day forward his life was changed. He started to go to the little church where the pastor preached.
He finally got himself saved and took his little girls there and his family. That brought him great feeling of joy. The people accepted him for who he was and always welcomed him into their house of worship. His life became devoted to helping others and being a member of that church. And it was that church that came to us that night we lost him, and blessed us with their love and compassion.

West View Baptist Church has not stopped praying for my family, and we have had ups and downs since the day I lost my son. His little girls went to foster care, and it has been a struggle ever since, but I shall never forget the love and commitment West View Missionary Baptist Church has for their church family and extended family of the congregation of that church. May you always bless others and send your prayers for the power of prayer lies within your hearts and in that church. Thank you for your love and strength for us to go on. May Jesus always walk among you for in him and through him all things are possible.

My son and I talked the day before he died, and I realized he was evangelizing for God. He would take some of his money and buy literature to pass out free at the Walmart parking lot and other places he went. He wanted others to know how much God can do for your life. He was not always that way, but through his life he took that right path. Even strangers have told me that they found this literature in his car. He said to me that day before he died, "Mom I am not afraid to die. I think somehow he knew something was going to happen." We talked about all the times that I had saved his life and how he was like a cat with nine lives.  In his own words not spoken, then It was just his time to go home to the father above. I am sure he is looking down on that special little church called West View Missionary Baptist Church that showed him the way home. I know he does not want the church to ever stop praying for his two little girls that he had to leave behind.


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    • ladybluewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United States

      I can only say Amen to that member of West View Missionary Baptist Church. I hope all my readers that can visit there, then please get to know this wonderful church that lives in the word of God.

    • profile image

      member of West View Baptist Church 

      7 years ago

      How this has Blessed my Heart to read such wonderful words coming from a stranger about my church.. We do have a very loving and caring church and I'm so Blessed to be a part of it. We still miss Scott and those 2 Beautiful lil girls. They were a big asset to our church.. You know , no matter what kind of life we have lived, no matter how far from God we are, he is still so close to us. All we have to do is Believe, Ask and Except God in our lives. He can turn your life completely around, Nothing man can do, but my God can.. He loved us so much that he gave his only son on that old rugged cross to Die for my and your sins.. I have only one Son and I love him dearly, But let me tell you I could have not gave him up for someone else sin.. God knew we, as Sinners needed to be Saved . Only God could have done this for the world, not just me or you , but he did it for everyone.. such a Loving, Caring, God we have.. If you don't know him I prayed you kneel and ask God to come into your Life.. Time is drawing nigh, God is coming again my Friend and he wants us to be in heaven with him, He said in my House are many Mansions, if it were not true I would have told you.. God loves us so much , and I lone to see my Savior Face to Face, and live with him forever, No more Heartaches, No Pain, No Fear, No Cancer, No Cripple, No Blind, the list goes on & on.. And I tell you Man can not do this, Only My God.. Be blessed and just know without a doubt God Loves You, and I can assure you this Family will always be a part of West View Baptist Church. And these lil girls will always be welcome to this church, and the people will show the love to them , like it is shown to anyone one who steps thru the doors.. So anyone who might read this, just know this is a Bible Teaching, Believing church and our Pastor , well He is one of the Best and Loves the Lord.. So come visit us anytime if ever in Tallapoosa and see for yourselves what I'm trying to tell you about..When you step thru the doors you are Standing On Holy Grounds... God is there, You can Feel his very Presents... I Love the Lord and I Love My Church and for what it stands for.... JESUS...It's all about Him... Our God is an Awesome God, He Lives, let me tell you how I know he lives, He Lives within My Heart, nothing like feeling the Holy Spirit in your Heart that only My God can give... With love and prayers for a Special Family that I got to know and miss, God Is LOVE..:)

    • ladybluewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United States

      I ask that anyone who might read this to know how much West View Missionary Baptist Church meant to us and still does. I still ask that prayers come forth for these two little girls and their future. I am a grandparent who will not stop the prayers from coming. I hope no one has to go through this with their grandchildren. Mine have been in the system for since 2009. Still awaiting someone to make the right decision and place them with the ones that really love them. In most states it is the Federal law that the surviving parent must get the kids back, unless they cannot. They have to comply and go through a plan. If they fail in two years or so to do that, then your grandchild either goes permanently in the foster care program or they get adopted by some strangers. It does not seem to matter that we passed everything with flying colors in the state we are in. My grandchildren are in a different state. I would ask that everyone keep praying. My son would have wanted it that way.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 

      7 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      That is so heartless. Did the mother give them up to foster care? Here in my state, DSS tries to place children with family before foster care. This is so wrong. Satan is trying to keep those children from their family. Let us pray Jeremiah 29:11 over this for we know His plan and will for these children is for good. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

      Bless you dear heart. May your pain be like dew that fades away in the glorious heat of God's grace.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 

      7 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      Church families can be very strong and supportive. This church and the Pastor sound wonderful indeed.

      Do you get to see the little girls? Can you take them? That would help them and you in the healing process.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      Sorry for the loss of your son. Thank God for the support of the caring members from West View Baptist. I'm sure it helped to express your feelings through your writing. Please keep the faith and look forward to the blessed hope of the resurrection when loved ones will be reunited.


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