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May all the world become happy!

Updated on October 14, 2014

Messages for Peace and harmony!

Praying in unison will ensure happiness everywhere!

Evil and good are two faces of the coin. When Jesus Christ lived, there were many evil forces trying to destruct his mission. In the garb of priests, the evil doers tried to influence the King and the common public. Christ underwent lot of tortures before shedding his life on the crucifix for the sake of common people. He never became angry since he was unduly charged. Rather, he accepted everything as God’s will and meekly underwent the tortures and submitted himself for crucifixion for no fault on his side. Only in the last moment, he cried, “Eloi Eloi, Lama Sabatchani” – Oh My father, why you have forsaken me? Ultimately he merged in the spirit of the Father and to show the world, the greatness of his only Son, the Father resurrected him from the Tomb and made himself visible to some of his close disciples and others. In fact, when a disciple doubted him, he has shown his wounds inflicted by the Nails and spheres. Then only, the disciple believed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The world believed since he came alive. Then slowly, the people started believing him and his beautiful teachings! Had there been no evil, the purity of Jesus would not have come to the notice of the people of the world.

Hence creation necessarily means a mixture of good and evil. The evil people grew jealous of the good one, and inflict many injuries on them surreptiously. But, God looks after the safety and welfare of his devotees and good people. This is one of the reasons put forward by the Lord for his incarnation as a human being! In the Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna clearly mentions the reasons for incarnation of god as a human being. For protection of the virtuous and destruction of the evil minded, I incarnate from time to time. Yes, Christ appeared around 2000 years ago. Another three thousand years before Jesus, Lord Krishna incarnated in human form. But, in general in each Yuga, a great persona descends on the earth. It was Rama during Treta Yuga, Krishna during Dwapara Yuga and Jesus and the like in Kaliyuga. In fact, after the departure of Krishna, the evil Dark Age Kaliyuga commenced. I will narrate a small example here. When somebody is unwell, even a compounder can dispense medicines. When the disease is severe, it requires the attention of qualified physician to prescribe the medicines on proper diagnosis. When the condition deteriorates, many doctors jointly treat the patient and at this stage even surgeries are undertaken to correct the imbalances.

When there is a small scuffle, the Police constable can intervene and bring peace. When there is a street fight, the sub-inspector visits with a contingent of police personnel and bring the situation under control by using mild force of lathi charge etc. When there is a civil war among different sections of society, the Director General of Police visits the scenes and orders tear gas shell or orders even shoot at site. Then alone, the anarchy can be brought under control.

In a similar way, God first depute holy saints and sages to the world to guide the people who have been misled by sensory attractions and pleasures. They have to be taught the Truth of the life etc. But people listens to them for a while and slide into error soon. Hence many such sages advise the people on spirituality and right conduct. At some point of time, when people descends to bestial levels, God himself incarnate to set right the things along with the sages and saints.

Today, we are witnessing anarchy everywhere and in every sphere! There is continuous war like situations in many countries. Terrorists are at large and the common people suffer a lot due to the bombing and killing of innocents and their habitats. The local governments are a mute witness to all this. Hence other Nations are trying to bring peace but the situations are growing worse day by day. This definitely calls the attention of Supreme, who is watching the situations and will enter in this stage at an appropriate time, known only to him. What the believers can do now is to pray silently to God to make everything in order as it was in the beginning. We love children since they are innocent and hence they are equated to God. God is love, He has no motives and he never punishes the sinners. Sinners are punished by their own sins and not by God. God has promulgated laws for the smooth functioning of the universe and its denizens. But, man out of greed and selfishness has made the situation unbearable now. The pure hearted suffer agony at the situation prevailing in the world. Especially, women and children undergo lot of sufferings at the hands of hooligans and terrorists. Hence, every devotee of god, practicing any religion or follow any teachings, all should pray in unison for universal peace and prosperity. Hence let us pray, “May all the world become happy! This will have a solitary effect on the harmony and peace of the world!


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Very beautiful message, my Friend. Keep this up. OM Shanti!