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Meaning of Fox Animal Medicine Cards

Updated on December 1, 2016

Meaning of Medicine Cards 03

You have been given the meaning of the first 20 medicine cards now you are given 21-30.

Owl –Deception card #21

Owl medicine is associated with Clairvoyance, astral projection, magic black and white.

Owl is associated with night, owl are night hunters, deceiver, silent. It is the medicine of sorcery and witches. If owl is your medicines you may be drawn to magical practices and perhaps explore the dark arts. Owl is a symbol of wisdom Owl sees what others cannot see. If owl is your personal medicine no one can deceive you no matter how they try to hide and disguise.

You may take your keen insight and abilities for granted others never do. You may frighten them and reflect their blindness for you cannot be fooled if you pull the owl card you are asked to use your power of keenness, silent observation to intuit some life situation .Owl can bring you a message in the night through dreams. Pay attention to the symbols and omen. The truth always brings enlightenment.

Reverse: You are greatly deceived by others or yourself. Perhaps witchcraft or black magic is being used against you, or maybe you are using witchcraft or sorcery to aid you when you should be praying to the Great Spirit for guidance. Keep an eye on your property or on your love one. The message is to befriend the darkness inside yourself ,then ask yourself what you are the darkness in the dark about, how or by whom you may be deceived or are you greatly deceived.

Beaver- Builder #22

Beaver is the doer in the animal kingdom. Incorporate a strong sense of family and home. Leaves itself many alternatives routes of escape, does not paint itself in corners, limitations cancels productivity. You have the power of working at attaining achievements. You should learn to work with groups.

Do not let individual ego gets in the way. It’s time to put your ideas into action, if you have pull this card or to complete some projects that you have neglected for alternative solutions in life. Sometimes the beaver brings warning to you to watch your back.

Reverse: You are asked to open new doors for opportunities and stay aware. Look out for laziness and apathy. Look for what is damming the flow and remove the impasse. Question Am I working with others? Do I do or just dream? Has my mind created obstacles?

Opossum-diversion #23

The greatest form of protection is to play dead. You confuse people while you move to safety .Use great deal of strategies of diversion. If opossum is in your spread you are asked to use strategy in some present situation .rely on your instinct for the best way out of a tight corner. If you have to pretend to be apathetic or afraid do it. Opossum may be relaying to you to expect the un-expectable and be clever in achieving your victory. This could be a victory over some bothersome sales man or a noisome neighbor.

Reverse: You are being warned against getting into high drama of life present scenario. The proper use of diversion is to know when you do not have to use diversion. If you have to defend yourself with excuse you have lost the point. Say something is not appropriate for you at this time. The best strategy is no defense.

Crow-Law # 24.

You are fascinated with your own self. Crow knows the unknown mysteries of creation and is the keeper of the sacred law. You can bend the law of the physical universe the ability is rear and unique.

You have the ability to be at one place and be the fly on the wall to observe what is happening far away. You are master of illusion. Crow is an omen of change. If crow is in your spread stop, pause and reflect how you view or see the law of Great Spirit in relation to the law of humanity .Put away your fear of being a lone voice in the wilderness. Let your integrity be your guide walk and talk truth.

Reverse: You are an outlaw today. Hell is about to break loose. Make sure if you are stepping on toes you have some backup. You need to remember the divine law of honoring harmony that comes from a peaceful mind, an open heart, a true tongue, a light step, a forgiving nature and a love of all living nature.

Do not be fearful you get what you fear most.
Do not be fearful you get what you fear most.


Fox Camouflage #25

Fox has the ability to meld into its surroundings and be un-noticed; it is a powerful gift when one is observing the activities of others. Fox medicine means adaptability cunning, observation, integration, swiftness of thought and actions, quick decisiveness in the physical world.

Observe undetected without making others self conscious. Concern for family safety, if fox share its medicine with you is to become like the wind, there but unseen. It is wise to observe the acts of others. Learn to camouflage yourself with your surroundings. Leave and come back for practice. You can use silly tactics as a camouflage.

Reverse: Watch out for Wiley fox. Do not practice camouflage to the extent that you become a wall flower. Contrary fox may be trying to tell you that you have become too invisible in climbing to a place of recognition. Become fox and enjoy the playing ground of your life.

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Squirrel-Gathering #26

Plan ahead. You must learn when to use your lightening speed, you are nerve wracking. Gather and store your energy for future use, whether it be a judgment ,an opinion ,a saving account ,candles or extra food good squirrel is to prepared. Honor your future by readying yourself for change or lighten your load if you have gathered too many inside thoughts, stress, worry or gadgets, worries. Observe the obvious which can prepare you for anything. Find a safe place to put your gathering; this is an untroubled heart and mind.

Reverse: You are a hoarder, a fearful person who expects the worst and is stuck in waiting for something to happen. You may have begun seeing the world through opposites, hoarding your thoughts of abundant so that fear of scarcity takes hold.

Dragon Fly Illusion #27

You are a dreamer who tries to escape physical reality, essence of the wind of change. If dragon fly is in your spread you may have forgotten to water your plants or to give thanks for the food we eat for sustaining our bodies. On the psychological level you need to break down the illusion you have held that restrict your action and idea. Seek out the path of your habits that need to change. Have you put on too much weight? Have you started to look like a scare crow?

Reverse: You are trying to prove to yourself or someone that you have power, are you caught in an illusion that weakens your true power. Look into yourself and become by use of your power the illusion

Armadillo Boundaries # 28

Your boundaries of safety are part of the total being. It is a gift to set boundaries so that so that harmful words and intentions just roll off. Your lesson is in setting your own boundaries. Set up your boundaries that allow only experiences that you want to be a part of. This boundary becomes a shield and ward off things which are undesirable to you.

If armadillo has waddle in your spread it’s time to set up boundary .you have been too long willing to let your home become a bus station, you may find that you cannot say no. Ask yourself questions as, Do others treat me like door mat? Why do I get upset when I am taken for granted? Is there a reason for being a yes person? All these questions relate to setting boundaries. How you relate in any circumstance will relate to how you use your ability to be objective.

Reverse: Go ahead roll up and hide this is the message of reverse Armadillo .This is not the better way, the best is to open up and find the value of your strength.


Badger Aggression #29

Vicious and attack with powerful aggressiveness, quick to anger, quick to pounce. The medicine of badger is aggression and the willingness to fight for what it wants. Badger is the medicine of many powerful women. Badger is the keeper of the medicine roots. The roots are mother earth’s healing herbs.

These roots are the key to aggressive healing, quick to act in a crisis, always carry the ball to touch down; this attitude does not endear team mates. Persistent, vicious gossipers or many exhibit a chip on the shoulders .Will become aggressive enough to reach the top of its chosen field. They are the finest healers they will use any and all methods.

Often times the boss is the one that everyone fears. If badger is in your spread it may be saying you are too easy o too meek. The key to this method is to be aggressive enough to do something about your present situation. Be aggressive but don’t cut others to ribbons. Badger medicine may be telling you it is time to use your healing abilities to push ahead in life. Heal yourself by aggressively removing the barriers that don’t grow corn.

Reverse: Oops here comes badger upside down and fuming, this means you are chewed out by someone else or that you have expressed your anger in an unhealthy way. Remember all anger stems from anger within you. If you are angry with your children it is usually anger that stems from fear for the children well being. A time of reflection on what you feel helpless about. In another way badger may be calling you to use your roots and herbs to heal your body. There is a need for some aggressive action.

Rabbit- Fear #30

Rabbits are the fear caller, afraid of tragedy, illness, disaster and being taken. They call these to themselves. What you fear most is what you become. Stop talking about horrible things about to happen or is happening. Get rid of the what if, It is not a time to worry about the future ,or trying to exercise your control , over what is unformed, STOP NOW.

Reverse: If you try to resolve a situation in your life and is unable to you may feel a frozen in motion .There is always a way out of any situation. You will succeed according to how you handle the problem. Go into a safe place like rabbit, release your fear until it is safe to come out again

Author:(Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray


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    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 5 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      You said the right thing you have the answer. but you are not willing to accept it. We should always listen to our hearts.It is not all the time we will be right. Some times we need the lesson that our choice will teach us. Just make sure what ever your heart tells you to do follow. Be always true to yourself. Live your life do not try to live it someone's life.

    • profile image

      paula 5 years ago

      Hello Juliet. I love your cards, thank you so much for your work. But I have a cuestion: everytime I ask the cards about a man I dont know how to react with him, a blank card come out. It is being 4 times the same ! and I cant find the meanning. this probably means I have the anser myself but I dont...

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 5 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      check the other hubs you should find it there

    • sndluv profile image

      sndluv 6 years ago

      Thanks Juliet this was so helpful!

    • sndluv profile image

      sndluv 6 years ago

      Juliet I can't locate my animal card (bought them many years ago). Have urgent need for meaning of OWL!

      Can you help? TY

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 8 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      It means you get the chance to select the cards of your choice

    • profile image

      nancy 8 years ago

      when i drew my first 7 cards to chose my power animals the first and last card i drew were blank. what does this mean

    • LouiseKnittel profile image

      LouiseKnittel 9 years ago from Ohio

      Cool, I willhave to go and find the first 10 when I get a little more time!