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The Meaning of Life: Seek Ye First the Kingdom

Updated on September 29, 2012

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." - Matthew 6:33

It's been said that depression happens when we experience loss of meaning in our lives. I believe that to be true; I've been there. Others I know have had similar experiences.

So we google up the internet for meaning of life and not quite come to terms with the answers given.

But here I give you the answer in the first statement:

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

I assure you that if you follow this ancient wisdom, your life will do a turn around for the better.

What is a more layman's way of putting that verse from the Bible?

Passion and Soul

Passion is the expression of our soul. Pursuit our passion is the experience of life that our soul wants to have. When we are pursuing an occupation other than that which our soul delights in, our lifes lose meaning and we experience sadness or depression. Some may call this straying from the path. If you could find a way to determine what you are passionate about, then immediately you should be feeling relief of the feeling of depression (assuming what you are experiencing is not clinical depression).

Magic and Mystery

One other reason, aside from getting out of being depressed, we should determine what our passion is is that doing so takes us to a world of magic and mystery, where what needs to happen does happen. However, it does take a practice of conscious awareness to notice that your life is unfolding through magic and mystery: you will not notice the delicious "coincidences" if your mind is always spinning in worry and concerns for the morrow. (see another hub with details on how to do 4R's, a practice which can increase conscious awareness)

How Do I Determine What My Passion Is?

Is there a skill or talent that you easily took to when you were a child, that you were simply at play doing it? Is there a skill that you have recently trained on that you found easy to learn? Is there a skill you saw someone perform, that gave you an insight that you will be good at doing that too? These are just a few guide questions, that if answered yes, may actually be pointing to a passion.

Relief in Transition Times

When you've come to a point in life where you've lost gumption for anything, simply immerse yourself in one of your old hobbies. This may be a mechanical motion for you in the beginning, since the feeling of meaninglessness or sadness could really sap you of the will to do anything at all. Rest assured that simply by going through the motion of the hobby that you used to enjoy in the past will take you above your current level, to a newer level where you can at least glimpse other possibilities.

A hobby does not happen by chance. Each hobby is our soul's gift to us.

The soul works in mysterious ways and only trust in its ever beneficent wisdom will enable it to reveal more of its delicious gifts to us.

How Does the Kingdom of God Tie Up with Soul or Passion?

Passion is the Expression of Soul. Soul is God within, the Kingdom of God within us.

(It can be confusing if you try to logically explain that God and Soul and soul are one. You may need to refer to other sagely writings regarding this idea.)

In short, if we live a life according to our passion, we are actually pursuing the desires of our soul which lead us to a closer conscious relationship with God, our Soul, which incidentally as mentioned earlier helps us notice, i.e. become aware or be conscious of, the wonderful "coincidences" or "synchrnonicities" that God has sent our way as we seek first His kingdom.

("Coincidences" or "synchronicities" are in quotation marks since they cannot be technically considered as such if we understand that these have actually been brought to your experience by your soul: gifts.)

That is why so much has been said about the virtue of soulful living.

Your Will Be Done

Understand also that seeking His kingdom has the same context as "Your will be done", as prayed in the Our Father.

It would be wonderful to know that what would really make us the happiest is pursuing the desires of our soul. Since our soul is the same as the Soul, which is the same as God, it turns out that God's will is actually our fondest desire. It is God who has put that passion into our heart.

And since God's will is always done, if you understand that everything happens for a reason in God's perfect Master Plan, everything that needs to happen to you is currently happening for you. The difficult part would mostly be immediately having the logical reason for why "bad things" seem to be happening to you.

Secret of the Sages: Withholding Judgment

One of the best known secret of the sages is withholding judgment. This allows them to deal with 'negative' events with equanimity.

If something happens contrary to your plan, we can withhold judgment by refraining from labeling the experience as 'bad', or the extreme of judging yourself or thinking something as God's punishment to you or others. (It is theorized that in the level of enlightenment, we will be capable of refraining from judging anything as either 'good' or 'bad', but simply as 'is'.)

I believe withholding judgment is something that we can learn through constant practice. I want to learn to not judge or to withhold judgment; I already have some proof in my experience and insights, revealed several years later, explaining that what I have labelled as a 'negative' event in the past actually turned out as the most significant and fulfilling experience in my life.

Look for Nothing Less

The more we pursue experiences that are in accord with our passion, the more soulful our living becomes.The more we pursue soulful living, the more exciting our spiritual journey becomes.

Therefore, seek Ye first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.


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    • Quirinus profile image

      Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 6 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

      Thank you for a ray of enlightenment, James!: "Righteousness does not judge, because it is beyond the Law."

      I could imagine how beautiful your hubs would be and how much more insights I would get reading them.

      Thank you for being on Hubpages!

    • profile image

      Twenty One Days 6 years ago

      Excellent Hub!

      Righteousness does not judge, because it is beyond the Law.

      With the action of Faith comes a flood of Righteousness.

      It just "Is" as you said.