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Meaning of the Native American Animal snake medicine cards

Updated on November 4, 2010

Deer the gentle spirit


Messages of the animal cards

You have been introduced to a number of concepts in animal medicine but as was mentioned it is just the tip of the iceberg. Here I will attempt to give a synopsis of the meaning of each of the 44 animal cards; however you can get Jamie ‘and David's books for first hand, accurate and more detailed meanings.

If you choose any of the cards below these are the possible medicine you will need.

Eagle 1

Power of the Great Spirit, connection with the Devine, gather your heart and gather courage. Recognize opportunities and use them, Attack your personal fears of the unknown, you will be supported by the Great Spirit.

Reverse: You have forgotten your power and connection to the Great Spirit.


Be observant, look at your surroundings, be beware or aware, you are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive. Observe the nuisance or power lurking nearby.

Reverse: Something in your life maybe too painful to confront. The responsibility for delivering an unpleasant message is up to you.

Elk 3

Pacing yourself will increase your stamina, you are cautious, Look at how you plan to finish what you have started without you ending up in the hospital. There is a special medicine in the friendship of others. Look at how you are holding up physically> Vitamins and high energy food may be the solution.

Reverse: You may be stretching the rubber band too thin, careful of undue stress level. If you are in a relationship the honey may be waning. In all case elk tell you to look at what you choose to create and how you intend to do it without being stressed out.

Deer 4

Deer are gentle loving and caring, teaching us the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of others who are wounded. Find the gentleness to care and stop pushing to change.

Reverse: You are courting your fears. You may be projecting fear to others because you love them.

Love should be no strings attached.

Bear 5

Introspection. You must attune to the energy of the earth; you must realize that for most questions the answers reside inside of us not from the advice of others. Enter the silence and listen to your heart

Reverse: Only being your own adviser can you attain your true goal.

Snake 6

Transmutation. Snake medicine people are very rare. It's the medicine of cosmic consciousness. it

is the knowledge that things are equal in creation. You are a universal being .it embodies sexuality psychic, energy, alchemy, reproduction, ascension or mortality. You have power, intellect, charisma and leadership. Accept the power of the fire magic within you which is a change in consciousness. You have the power to create

Reverse :

You have masked your ability to change. You may fear change, release the outer skin of your present identity to bring out the real you.

Skunk 7

Reputation. Threaten your sense instead of your life. By walking and talking respect yourself, you will create an honored position of strength. You believe in yourself by the carrying of your body. You have the ability of attracting others of like kind you are charismatic. You repel others who do not respect your space and people who seek to take energy from you. Skunk people have sexual power to attract lover. Notice the people attracted to you if they emulate favorable qualities recognize them bearing in mind your ultimate protection.

Reverse: This operate in two ways. Observe whether you are repelling or attracting others. Examine your feelings and be truthful about it.

Otter 8

Woman medicine, caring for the young on the move, curious and have the traits and beauty of the female. Balance and female energy is not jealousy but sisterhood. Woman energy is the freeness of love. Keep a hawk eye on your ego, give yourself a gift, move gentle in the river of life, enjoy the female energy.


You are out of focus, running from one idea to the other, embarrassed to receive compliment, drop the seriousness on all levels of life, fear of being rejected,

Butterfly 9

Observe your position in the cycle of life transformation

Is this the egg stage--------just a thought?

Is this the lava stage---------Do you need to make a decision

Is this the cocoon stage-------Developing and doing-reality?

Is this the birth stage------------sharing you completed idea.

Butterfly gives clarity to your mental process. You are ready to undergo a transformation.

Reverse: There is a need for change in your life that you are not recognizing. You may believe that the change is too difficult. You need to broaden your horizon.

Turtle 10

Mother earth; honor the creative source inside of you. Be grounded to the earth. Observe your situation with motherly compassion, there is danger in pushing the river. Burry your thought s and allow them to hatch.

Reverse: Be serious with what you do, you are not alone in your struggles mother earth will help you. You are not a victim, you are not helpless just list the things you are grateful for and find the abundance of alternatives that mother earth has to give.

Author:(Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray

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    • profile image

      Audrey 3 years ago

      While researching "fertility" and such , in my front yard, I heard a rustling and as I looked over in the direction the sounds came from ... I saw a garden or rat snake slithering by! I knew immediately this was a good sign so I began researching snake medicine , and I'm so happy for what I have learned!

    • profile image

      margo 3 years ago

      Snakes in 2seperate gardens

    • profile image

      margo 3 years ago

      Snakes in my gardens.2 desperate gardens

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 5 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      go to my profile page you will find links to all the animal cards

    • profile image

      nicole stark 6 years ago

      I was on a bike ride last evening and I had a rabbit, then fox and then a skunk cross my path! What does this mean?

    • profile image

      curious about snake 6 years ago

      reading the above comment about a snake crossing the road, i had a similiar situation this morning...only the snake was in the road, turning over and trying to move...i stopped my car and got out as i knew if i did not move the snake out of the road, someone would run it over...i finally moved the snake, it was not doing well, barely moving at all, but it was safely out of the road...a couple of hours later when i passed by there was only a spine left, something picked it was morning around 8am if that makes a difference, and i believe it was some sort of garter snake in arizona.. any thoughts? thanks

    • MarkMAllen15 profile image

      MarkMAllen15 6 years ago

      Great!! I am enjoyed to read the article.

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 7 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      I would say a snake crossing the road. What does the snake represents tranformation are you in that process.It was not a snake in the grass it was not hiding

      it cross your path look for new beginings.

    • profile image

      DEBOREA 7 years ago

      while walking tonight, I was made aware of a snake crossing the road up ahead of me... since it is alive and not a card, what is the meaning?

    • LouiseKnittel profile image

      LouiseKnittel 9 years ago from Ohio

      Always helps to start at the beinning!