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Meditation: At the Centre of the Cyclone

Updated on April 13, 2018
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Stephen Austen is an Amazon author, writing on a diversity of subjects and genres. He writes short stories, novels, and self-help books.

This meditation is a most unusual one; we are gong to be focussing on a visualisation that places us in the epicentre of a revolving cyclone.

The point of the meditation is to bring into consciousness a recognition of the chaotic nature of our Earthly existence, and to then experience, via visualisation, the sharp contrast of the sublime still point that exists at the very centre of the cyclone.

An investigation of the behaviour of cyclones (also known as typhoons, tornados and whirlwinds) is to discover that for all the devastating activity of the outer core of the cyclone, the innermost point is silent and still. There is not even a sound there. We want to try and achieve this still, silent point and fully comprehend its meaning.

Image by: WikiImages
Image by: WikiImages | Source

The Energy Breath

To begin with, start by seating yourself appropriately, in whatever manner you are used to, either in a straight-backed chair or on the floor. If you can perform the Lotus posture or the Half-Lotus posture, then by all means do that, seated on the floor. Give yourself about 20 to 30 minutes for this meditation.

With a straight spine and the head resting comfortably in a straight line with the spinal column, bring your attention to your breathing. The breathing is all done via the nostrils only, breathing in through the nostrils and breathing out through the nostrils.

Perform this breathing technique for a few breaths until you feel quite relaxed. On the next in-breath, imagine a thread of golden light ascending upwards along the spine and entering the top of the head where resides the fabled Crown Chakra of Eastern mysticism. See and feel the golden light transfigure here into a golden-white sun with rays shining out in all directions. On each in-breath, allow this inner sun to scintillate and radiate outwards.

I call this type of breathing the Energy Breath. Continue breathing for several breaths until you feel that you are mastering it well. Keep the mental image of the golden light flowing up the spine and into the Crown Chakra. Be aware of a sense of the 'energy' contained in the Energy Breath.

Image by: suc
Image by: suc | Source

The Whirling Cyclone

Now, conjure up in your mind's eye, a whirling cyclone spinning in the atmosphere. You can feel its immense power, and perhaps even the devastation that it is causing. It's whirling around at a furious pace, whipping up debris of all kinds.

Recognise in the whirling cyclone the effects in your own material life, where all the external chaos of life, such as work, the hustle and bustle of going to and from work, the interactions with others and a myriad other stresses of your day, are all part of the cyclonic effect in your own experience. Everything is whipping around and causing chaos.

Just feel that chaotic sensation for a few moments; be aware of the lack of control that you have over it, and how it just whirls around at lightening speed, taking everything in its path with it. See how the cyclone hooks onto the people and the situations associated with you and your life, especially the most troublesome ones.

Image by: johnhain
Image by: johnhain | Source

Enter the Cyclone

Now, bring your mind and concentration back onto the Energy Breath; a few deep breaths here and feeling the energy passing upwards along the spine to the top of the head once more.

Now enter the cyclone itself. Instantly transport yourself right into the centre of the cyclone. Feel its force whipping around you, pulling all things into the maelstrom. Perhaps you can even hear the shrill of the wind as it whips around you furiously as a spinning vortex of chaos. Now visualise that you are at the centre of the cyclone and you can see the inner 'walls' of the cyclone whirling around you.

As you feel this central point, you notice something completely at variance here; there is a point of peace at the centre of the cyclone. Here, there is an absolute stillness which betrays the whirling effect of the outer seeming disorder.

The Stillness

As you become more aware of the innermost stillness, you once again bring your attention to the Energy Breath. Taking the breath and the light upwards, you arrive at the Crown Chakra and there you hold the breath for a few seconds. Hold the energy at the very top of the head on this breath-retention.


You breathe out slowly, allowing the breath to leave the lungs gently and without a sudden rushing exhalation. A slow, deep, out-breath.

You can still feel and see the golden-white light at the top of the head, shining in its place as if far from the cyclone. Perhaps it's a million light years from the cyclonic activity of the material plane.

Try a few more Energy Breaths with the breath-retention for a few seconds at the top of the head. You are slowly feeling the sense of stillness and peace that exists there in the Crown Chakra, far, far from the world of mundane affairs.

There is a sublime point of peace and utter stillness here. There is no whirling sound, no noise, no sound of any kind at all. There is not even the sound of a thought.

Image by: GDJ
Image by: GDJ | Source

A Bubble of Peace

Gradually, allow your breathing to find its own level, and let the breath return to normal without breath-suspension.

You may now feel a slight tingling at the top of the head. This is common in meditation, and is the response invoked in the Crown Chakra. This psychic centre of energy is said to have one-thousand 'petals' when viewed as a lotus flower unfolding its blooms, and each of these one-thousand petals are actually composed of rays or filaments of light-energy. It is the response in these rays of light which causes this subtle sensation of 'tingling' at the top of the head. Some people describe this feeling as a gentle 'pressure' on the top of the head.

Just feel this delightful sensation (if you have it) and stay with it. Imagine that you are now enclosed in a sound-proofed bubble of peace, composed of light particles itself. Nothing can penetrate through this bubble of peace and light. You are suspended in space, in the midst of the cyclonic activity of the busy, bustling world, and yet untouched by it all.

You are floating in an oasis of peace. The whirling cyclone has disappeared to all your senses completely. All material concerns and attachments are totally repelled and cannot enter this still centre of absolute peace. You now only know this deep, inner peace, floating in your bubble. Use the Energy Breath to remember who you really are.

Now, be Still, and know God...

Image by: Alexas_Fotos
Image by: Alexas_Fotos | Source


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    • Stephen Austen profile image

      Stephen Austen 6 days ago from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada

      Practice is exactly right, Jerome, and then it becomes a habit, and then it's second nature.

    • profile image

      jerome zaring 7 days ago

      heavy all it needs is practice practice & more practice

    • Stephen Austen profile image

      Stephen Austen 7 days ago from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada

      Thank you manatita44. I appreciate your kind comments. Best wishes, Steve.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 7 days ago from london

      Very nice way into visualization. Gentle and explained well.