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Meditation: Be your own guru!

Updated on June 20, 2012

Whenever we say we need to meditate, it is, most of the times, born out of desire to get rid of our discontents. Is that wrong? No. That’s human nature and you aren’t hurting anyone. Ok,here is a quote by J. Krishnamurti about meditation.

"You should really forget the word meditation. That word has been corrupted. The ordinary meaning of that word - to ponder over, to consider, to think about - is rather trivial and ordinary. If you want to understand the nature of meditation you should really forget the word because you cannot possibly measure with words that which is not measurable, that which is beyond all measure."

This guy sometimes talked sense. We are easily infatuated by the word, some abstract picture or meaningless word salad. A man with desire, even if it is a spiritual one, can be easily exploited. One guru comes to you and start talking like a motivational speaker. You feel as if you have become enlightened. But most of the times we forget to look into the meaning and we are just happy with the words. Now who’s happy with the words? Our ego. Our guru is saying the words that we want to hear. Life is a joy, dance, celebration and so on. Obviously that’s exactly what we wanted to hear. And we fall in the trap again. He asks you to make donation and you do it. He lives a king-size material life and you are still confused about the truth. He always says, “You need a master to overcome this misery and to realise the truth”. Great guru business. However, there are some genuine gurus who preach what they do in their life and they won’t ask anything from you. If you find one of them, you are the luckiest person in the world.

What should we do then? Why don’t we just sit quietly and observe our thoughts? Okay, if you think you don’t know how to meditate and if you find just sitting quietly boring, go learn some free technique from internet. That’s fine. Just the technique only. You apply it and see what happens. And please, stop dreaming about enlightenment. Just meditate. It’s like exploring the different uncharted regions inside your own being. I don’t know what you’ll find because I am not you. Bliss, a mine of treasure, tranquility, peace of mind... I am not sure whether you’ll get these or not but I am definitely sure that you will be surprised to know about your own thoughts, worries, fears, and doubts. You won’t reach anywhere sitting on a rocking chair. If you are just daydreaming about the state of mind you’ll achieve after becoming a successful yogi, you are making the biggest fool out of yourself. Instead of following somebody and getting hypnotized by unrealistic words, just observe yourself. Follow yourself. Know yourself. Understand yourself.

Until and unless we practice, words won’t make any difference. We’ll always remain the same. Beware you might mistake a coward escape for a spiritual journey. There are millions of people who depend on religion for their living. That’s their business. They may manipulate you saying these and these are the best techniques to realise the truth. Don’t listen to them. Just meditate. Be your own guru. Find truth yourself. Remember Buddha didn't have a guru.


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    • jonnycomelately profile image

      Alan 5 years ago from Tasmania

      Now I practise. Thank you.

    • Quirinus profile image

      Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 5 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

      Thanks for the enlightening words, drabsurd! Now I realize my situation from a better perspective. After all those times wondering whether I needed a guru ... Yes, you are correct: one can attain peace and tranquility of mind without a guru. Voted up