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Meditation of sages helps silently the spiritual well being of the entire world!

Updated on December 27, 2015

Saints in Himalayan caves!

Sages and Saints contribute much by their silent meditations!

In ancient days, there were no oil industries. For extracting oil from oil seeds, the oil vender used to adopt a crude contraption. There will be a center vessel made of wood in which the raw seeds will be filled up. Connected to that there will be a lengthy wooden rod, at the end of which bullocks will be attached to by ropes through their necks. There will be a pulverizer in the center which is a big wooden piece which will sit tightly inside the wooden vessel. While the bullocks go around a circular path, there will be movement of the center container with the seed which goes in between the pulverizer getting crushed. After many such rounds, the seeds will be crushed letting the oil out. The oil thus collected will be sold in the oil shop. The man who drives the bullocks will be sitting on the center place turning the seeds up and down, enabling even crushing of the seeds. The residue will be fodder for the cattle after all the oil is extracted.

Likewise, when cane is crushed, cane juice is obtained which when boiled in hearths will produce jaggery which is the sweetener for all sweets produced in the country side and villages. Nowadays, everything is automated and there are huge oil extractors which function through electricity and conveyors. In a similar manner paddy is converted to rice by feeding the same in rice mills. Only difference is that in ancient days, they used a stone with a pit in the center. Ladies used to beat the paddy with long thick wooden tools. There are many valuable lessons in the above process.

Just like the oilseed contain ‘oil’ inside but it cannot be extracted unless the seeds are crushed through the wooden mill, the Self within all the individual is not visible but when a man subjects himself to spiritual disciplines, he can discard the kernel (the body, mind sheaths) and reach the self. Meditation on the self with single focus will yield the results in the long run. For that purity of mind must be strived for. One should discard the evil in him slowly and fill his conscious with holy virtues. He should treat all alike and love everyone who comes into his ambit. Slowly, this love will expand to universal love. The above processes teach us to collect the worthy, discarding the outer. The body and mind can help us only upto certain extent. Meditation is the function of ‘inner man’. Mind cannot help us in the path of meditation. Only when the thoughts cease, we can progress in meditation. As long as one preserves body attachment, he cannot move an inch in the spiritual quest.

Both inner and outer purity is needed for the spiritual aspirant. He should lead a disciplined life, following strict bodily disciplines like getting up earlier, cleaning the teeth and face and taking a bath in cool water which will make our brain fresh. The predawn time is best suited for meditation. Likewise the evening time is best utilized by focusing on divine thoughts and contemplation. There are five fundamental human values such as Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Pure love and Non-violence. All spiritual aspirants must cultivate the noble virtues and discard lust, anger, pride, selfishness etc. The riot in the field adopts the same pattern. He first tills the soil, scatter seeds, and water the field at regular intervals. Slowly, the seeds sprout. He should remove the weeds that come up along with the crops. Just like that we have to remove the bad habits from our conscious and ensure growth of virtues in the heart so that it would be easier to fill our conscious with godly thoughts. Then the spiritual harvest will be bountiful. The harvest is ‘Pure Bliss’. There is none in the world who does not hanker for Joy. But the worldly joys are ephemeral and evanescent. They are fleeting pleasures of the senses. One must strive for eternal bliss obtainable only through the contemplation of god.

So long as we don’t develop taste for divinity, we will be collecting trash and tinsel, which are of no use after death. If one wants to escape from this miserable existence on earth, he should strive through Godward path only. Our ancient sages and saints have shown the path to Divinity by practicing spirituality in deep jungles adopting strenuous ways of life, discarding comforts for the body, eating once a day, always vigilant about the aim day and night. One, who is focused only on god, will lose interest in food, rest and sleep. Even now there are many saints who practice rigorous meditations in deep caves of Himalayas. Because of such holy persons, the world is still surviving.

Ordinary human beings can undertake service activities through their body to the less privileged in society. But the effects of those sages who are engaged in meditation in some obscure corners of the world, cleanse the consciousness of people silently. Hence we can do whatever is within our capacity to raise our consciousness slowly and live a virtuous life. We cannot uplift the world. It may be left to the charge of the sages and saints. Every one of us can only strive for our own salvation. But the sages, saints and prophets ensure salvation to multitude of worldly people by their wisdom and penance!

Self realized Saints!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Sairam manatita44. I am really happy for the constant encouragement you give through your nice comments. Thank you and may the Lord bless you forever!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Many noble virtues here: Universal Love, purity, discipline ...such great values! It may be useful to find a way to encourage greater reading of these gems. You break it down nicely with your examples. Much Love.