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Meditative Focus & Clear Consciousness

Updated on May 25, 2012

Thoughts- Focusing Deeply

Your way of thinking has a severe impact on how you actually perceive the world, interpret things to be & how your internal systems will react upon the ever changing environment outside of you.

The reason for such a hub is due to the rising demand for humans to get a stronger hold on the concepts behind differing forms of meditation. Meditation as a whole is a special subject to write on and requires focus to gain a full understanding of it all.

Your mind is the central location where every thought gets generated from, besides the interaction through your senses. The five senses helps your mind to coordinate the synapse of thoughts, or use of cognitive abilities, that will also dictate whether or not the mind will accept such impulses, store it as memories, or restore repressed ones to repetitively think about all day and night.

By attempting to utilize differing thought patterns simultaneously, it definitively has a profound affect on the human psyche as a whole, and tends to stir the mind in ways that may result in increased stress, loss of concentration, and day dreaming, or sleepiness.

What is Meditation ?

Me back in 2006 in the US Navy, I was a deep knowledge seeker

Meditative Focal Points

Focusing on an object, or a central focal point can actually help those seeking for clarity of mind. Many people who have devoted much of their lives to stress related issues in life, all know very well that relief from it all can help in a major way.

Many years back while I was serving as an Active Duty Navy personnel, I noticed that stress would seem to creep up on me, while performing normal job functions daily.

Years prior to this experience, I took many college level course's on philosophy which lead me to learning about differing belief systems such as Buddhism, Taoism, & Zen as a college student. Since that time I was determined to discover the true source to where these beliefs had derived from rather than actually do homework assignments & basic school research projects.

This thought I initially had, was proceeded by my taking action & while in the Navy I went into what I call my book worm mode. I then swiftly paid a visit to the closest borders book store, and found some cool interesting books on the differing subjects dealing with meditation as a whole.

To my surprise there was loads of info to find, and resources at the book store on each subject matter for the belief systems I mentioned earlier regarding meditation.

Thoughts to stay away from

Depression or depressive negative thought patterns, also is a huge factor that tends to set in, and mostly when human beings seem to feel defeated somewhat, by certain things that may appear to be going on in their daily lives or that have gone and went in their past experiences.

The physical connection between that which is in their perspective views, also can pose as a threat to the conscious mind depending on its severity or intensity of volatile existing degrees of physical distribution. (forceful interactions)

When people are faced with extreme pressures, this is when they tend to mentally give up or crack the most, so meditation is a direct necessity and essential remedy for this sorta experience, that in our day and times is mentally bombarding most people & on a high scale.

Learning the art of using your thought powers to defy the odd's of something having a mental affect on you, will directly change the physical hold things have on you as well as the human psyche.

True Focus

At this point I was over joyed to actually have in my possession something that has captivated my mind for years, leaving me wondering & desiring to learn much more about it all.

I quickly got to the reading of each book, I was so absorbed into them that I literally read 8 books in a matter of 2 weeks, this was something I had never done before.

The content levels of the info I was absorbing was far beyond my previous college experiences I had studied years back of some related subjects.

This all lead me to the core of my inquiries as to what was the true origins of such a metaphysical thing as meditation.

What occurred shortly after my new found attained knowledge's and discoveries was quite a surprise, I never imagined it all to be as simple as it was put. Just as I began this Hub, is how it was put to me through the reading of each book.

The meditative teaching's from these books had a central focus, and it was all about what it takes to learn how to meditate correctly. I never knew that there was a right, or wrong way to actually do it.

Meditation takes a great deal of focused concentration, using a single idea, thought, object, sound, or any other imaginative thing to begin your focus upon is the first step. The other is to truly get a grasp as to what your actually attempting to do here.

The main purpose of meditation all depends on the person & what level they choose to take it too. There are differing levels of this powerful mental ability, that ancient people have developed, and it's roots goes way back into historical record originating from many of the Asian pacific area's of the planet, including India, China, Japan, & many others.

Buddhism, Zen, and Taoism are just three of the major belief systems that place most of their spirituality on meditating & the meditative focus of an individual.

Clarity of Thought

The most important thing to understand before beginning any form of meditation is that the soul reason for exercising it's potential is for keeping your mind clear of excessive thoughts. I personally do believe, that certain forms of energy both positive and negative forms, are the reason for people losing concentration, or focus on a particular feeling or emotion they think they are having. So meditation attempts to redirect the minds focus onto the inner spiritual being of self, and self awareness or oneness with the environment, without the interruption of noise or mental clutter.

Psychological scars are generally the reason for many people having difficulty with their mind not being able to let go of a dramatic experience, or experiences they had in the past. An example of this is when someone continues to bring up the past, in multiple conversations as if it was something that occurred recently.

The individual that has been somehow affected by these dramatizing occurrence's usually exhibits a sort of repetitive behavior of unconsciously thinking about it. These thoughts are potentially dangerous due to the impact on the persons physiology, and makes for an unfavorable experience by the person who's witnessing this repetitive behavior.

Meditation will clear the mind of all worries, mental scars, and cluttered thought processes. The person in seek of this sort of practice will notice at first it feels as if it's just a waste of time, but after a great deal of practice, can achieve levels of enlightenment that are empowering.

We all have hidden abilities, powers of cognition & spiritual release that allows for connecting with our inner nature, the pathways towards this inner light is the meditative focus.



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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Hello @Victoria Lynn, thanks for being the first to give my meditation hub a try.

      I wrote it around the time when I first joined hubpages, and just gave it a bit of tweaking, and I guess it helped to attract you, hopefully it has served a useful purpose for you, and I'm glad you enjoyed the info here.

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Great hub! This is very useful information. I would like to learn more about meditation--sounds like it could be very helpful. Thanks for writing this. Many votes!